Date published: 14th May 2021

A rise in arson attacks on public toilets has raised concern in the District, with incidents occurring more frequently.

In the last two weeks, there have been four instances of arson, occurring in the public toilets at Vicarage St, North Walsham and North Lodge Park in Cromer.

Fortunately, the fires started have not led to injury or major damage to the facilities, but there is the risk that the fire could grow within or spread to other attached properties if not attended to in time is greater as the incidents of arson have occurred overnight.

After the instances, the public toilets must be closed for repairs, depriving locals and visitors of the conveniences and at cost to the tax payer. The urgent need to restore the public toilets can often result in the delaying of other repairs and improvements in the district or incurring additional costs.

Cllr. Eric Seward, deputy Leader and portfolio holder for Finance and Assets said:

“I fail to understand why anyone should want to go around vandalising important public amenities like public toilets. They result in closure and involve extra costs to repair.

If anyone has information on who may be doing this can they please contact the Police or Council officers. This pointless vandalism needs to stop.”

In February, an arson attack on the public toilets on the East Promenade in Sheringham led to a conviction, after causing damages of over £1000.

Sgt. Toby Gosden from Norfolk Constabulary said:

“Norfolk Constabulary are aware of the reports of multiple Arson offences within public toilets and have increased patrols in these areas.

If you have any information regarding any of these instances, please report them to the Police by reporting online using the website, emailing or calling anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111”

Last updated: 14th May 2021