Date published: 1st March 2018

There are a small number of rough sleepers in North Norfolk and in response to the severe weather, our housing staff have been out speaking to these people in the last few days (and again today), to establish if they need emergency warm and safe accommodation during the worst of the cold weather.

The Severe Weather Emergency Procedure (SWEP) is implemented if the forecast states temperatures will drop below zero degrees for three consecutive nights.

Contact between NNDC officers and rough sleepers has resulted in one person being accommodated over the weekend, with another two people being accommodated earlier in the week.

Currently they will be accommodated with hot meals through until at least Monday.

Further visits have been taking place today with offers of accommodation.

If members of the public should identify anyone sleeping rough could they please contact the Housing Options team to discuss on 01263 513811.

Last updated: 16th June 2022