If any circumstances for you or anyone else in your house have changed you need to let us know so we can calculate the right amount of benefits for you.

Can I request for my claim to be backdated?

You can request for your claim to start from an earlier date.

To do this you will need to make a written request for your claim to be backdated and you can do this by completing our backdating application form, providing us with the date you want your claim to start and why you feel you claim should be backdated.

If you are under pensionable age backdated Housing Benefit can be awarded for a maximum of 1 month and backdated Council Tax Support can be awarded for a maximum of 6 months from the date that we receive your request for backdated benefit.

We can only backdate your claim if we feel you have shown continuous good cause for not claiming from an earlier date.

Some examples of continuous good cause:

  • Death of a close relative
  • Being in hospital or seriously ill
  • Being wrongly advised by a person who should have known better (i.e. Council staff, Citizens Advice Bureau, Department for Work Pensions staff or a social worker)
  • Language difficulties with the application form

If you are pensionable age your claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support can be backdated for a maximum period of 3 months. This will be considered automatically when your new claim is assessed. You do not need to request backdating and you do not need to show continuous good cause for this period.

What happens after I make my backdated application?

When we receive your backdated application we will decide whether to allow or refuse your request based on the information you have provided. In some cases we may need to request that you supply evidence to support your claim.

If your backdating application is successful we will send you a letter explaining any adjustments that have been made to your claim.

If we refuse your request we will send you a letter explaining why we have turned down your request and we will provide you with your rights to appeal if you then disagree with our decision.

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