In early May 2020 the government indicated that construction work can be undertaken across England providing sites are able to operate safely in line with the new COVID-19 Secure guidelines.

In order to continue to operate safely it is highly likely that the construction industry will need to be able to adapt its normal practices and temporary extensions to working hours may be required on some sites to facilitate safe working and allow tasks to be completed where social distancing can be challenging. It might be necessary to start work earlier in the day or work until later in the evenings.

In some cases, planning permissions are issued with restrictions on construction working hours and/or require what are known as Construction Environment Management Plans (CEMPS). The main purpose for these types of conditions is to ensure that construction activities do not have a detrimental impact on neighboring uses, particularly residential uses.

In light of the written ministerial statement of 13 May 2020 on construction working hours, further guidance from government has been issued.

Applicants / agents / developers with sites in North Norfolk are able to request modest or short-term changes to construction working hours usually via exchange of letter. Long term or more significant changes to working hours will require a more formal process of agreement. For advice on the appropriate route to make a request to amend construction working hours please see the attached guide.

Such requests to vary construction working hours will only be refused where there are very compelling reasons such as significant impact on neighbouring residents or businesses or uses which are particularly sensitive to noise, dust or vibration, which cannot be overcome through other mitigation, or where impacts on more densely populated areas would be unreasonable.

If you are unsure which process applies, please email the Planning Department and we will endeavor to help where we can to point you in the right direction.