Commonly asked questions and answers about Building Control and Coronavirus

Will the Building Control Department still be operating normally?

Staff within the department are mainly working at home. This means that we are operating differently to  normally but we are doing our best to do what we can to keep our services running for you.

Travel restrictions and social distancing requirements means that site visits are being offered at a reduced capacity, contact 01263 516345 or to request a site inspection and you will be updated of the current procedures. 

Will there be a delay in getting Building Control Approval?

Applications will still be determined within the statutory timescales. Depending on the delays that occur within our service or from your agent dealing with any clarifications, it may be necessary to reject your application. If this occurs we can  approve the application when the necessary clarifications have been dealt with. We will endeavour to communicate with you or your agent during the process to explain what the position of your application is.

Can I still submit a Building Regulation Application?

Yes. Applications can be submitted via the Planning Portal.

What will happen if I submit a new Building Regulation Application at the moment?

We will proceed with the validation and assessment of Building Regulation application.  We will still issue a decision within the statutory time frames. However our ability to process and assess the applications may take longer than usual.

Can I start work?

Unless Government advice is changed there is no restriction on starting your project subject to sticking to advice and guidance on social distancing and measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

However it is difficult for surveyors to follow this advice whilst visiting different sites so actual inspections will be reduced and carried out on a risk assessed basis. Depending on the works being carried out it may be possible to carry out inspections remotely. Please email your case surveyor to discuss this further and you will be advised if your inspection should be carried out on site or remotely.

As applicant or agent how can we get hold of Surveyors?

At present, email is suggested. Please contact the case officer and make sure you provide your contact phone number so that the case officer can speak to you about your application. If the case officer email address is unknown email where it will be forwarded to the relevant officer.

Are officers available for site visits or site meetings?

In most cases site visits or site meetings will not take place unless they can be done remotely or are considered critical for the health and safety of the community.

Can I still obtain pre-application advice?

Pre-application advice is still available. Please email through any enquiries. Be aware these will be dealt with as a lower priority than current applications.

My Building Regulation Application is about to expire but I can't start the proposal due to Covid-19 restrictions. Will the Council extend the period for implementing an Approval?

There is no specific guidance from central government on this issue and there are currently no provisions to extend the time period for extending approvals. If this situation applies to you please email

don't have email - Where do I send my information with officers working remotely?

We would prefer to receive representations via email however you can still submit by post at:

Planning Service
North Norfolk District Council
Holt Road
NR27 9EN

Please note that there will be additional processing time for representations sent via post.