NNDC is developing a land register to assist in the ‘rollback’ of coastal properties at risk from coastal erosion.

‘Rollback’ is the process of replacing properties at risk locations away from the erosion zone.

The ‘Rollback Land Register’ is a list of land, with contact details, that may be available for rollback opportunities.

This is a means of providing those who own properties that might qualify for rollback development to identify potentially willing owners of land that might be suitable. It does not mean, however, that planning permission would necessarily be granted; it would be for those undertaking the development to obtain the necessary consents.

A case study of a replacement property scheme at Happisburgh provides an example of rollback in action.

Further information and details of how to access the register are available in the Coastal Rollback Register information leaflet. If you are a landowner you can put forward sites to be included in the register by completing the following expression of interest form.

Download expression of interest form