The latest consultation ran from Friday 6 October to Friday 27 October 2023. This is now closed.


We seek your views on the revised Draft Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan for the Glaven Valley, which provides up-to-date guidance for the care and protection of the Conservation Area.

The document has been amended following the public consultation held between 21 November 2022 and 31 March 2023.

The latest consultation ran from Friday 6 October to Friday 27 October. This is now closed.


The latest consultation focuses on the changes that have resulted from the feedback received previously.

After the close of the previous consultation, all comments received were considered, and a series of amendments have been made to both the draft Appraisal and the proposed Glaven Valley Conservation Area (GVCA) boundary.

Summary of changes

Conservation Area Boundary

Several areas were proposed for exclusion from the GVCA boundary before the public consultation. However, following feedback, these have been retained and included:

  • The Quarry west of Edgefield
  • The Salt Marshes north of Cley and Blakeney
  • All the settlements within the Glaven Valley (Blakeney, Cley, Wiveton, Glandford, Letheringsett, Thornage, Holt, Hempstead, Brinton, Stody, Hunworth and Edgefield)

See pages 99 to 105 of the draft appraisal, to see them plotted.

Additionally, following the consultation, several areas have been newly proposed for inclusion within the boundary, including:

  • The village of Sharrington and some of its hinterland, including Valley Farm, a spring rises by the historic Grade II Listed Valley Farmhouse and a stream flows into the River Glaven. The village of Sharrington is on the edge of the Glaven Valley and shares some characteristics with the other villages, including its predominantly agricultural character.
  • The springs north of Baconsthorpe, east of Selbrigg Pond, are a series of springs and streams that feed the River Glaven. These are the source of the river and are therefore proposed for inclusion. In addition, the area proposed includes the ruins of Baconsthorpe Castle and two historic farms, which have also been proposed for local listing - Breck Farmhouse and barn and Beckett's Farmhouse and barns.


There were several major amendments made to the appraisal, in addition to minor textual corrections raised in feedback.

  • Summary of Special Interest, pages 18 to 20. It has been significantly rewritten post-consultation to reflect the varied character of the GVCA better.
  • Due to the retention of the settlements within the GVCA, much of the text has been rewritten to reflect this, including the Summary of Special Interest above. However, pages 75 to 83 of the appraisal summarise each settlement and reference the individual appraisals.
  • Pages 51 to 53 of the appraisal have been added with extensive discussion of the North Norfolk Landscape Character Assessment.

All text changes are shown in red in the draft.

What are we looking for?

At this stage, the Council seeks views solely on the changes proposed to the Glaven Valley Conservation Area boundary and the Draft Appraisal following the previous round of consultation.

If you commented previously, any issues raised have already been considered and do not need to be raised again. You can check our summary to see the NNDC response or action to the feedback.

What happens next?

Following the community consultation and review of all representations received, the appraisal and management proposals will be amended as required and reconsidered by the Council's Planning Policy and Built Heritage Working Party before formal adoption by the Cabinet. The document will then become a material consideration in the North Norfolk District Council planning process.