BT has written to North Norfolk District Council to confirm the start of two 90-day consultations over the removal of the least used public payphones in the District.

  • Consultation 1 - removal of 12 payphones
  • Consultation 2 - removal of 7 payphones

BT has informed the Council it has placed consultation notices on the relevant payphones with the dates they have been posted.

As part of the 90-day consultations North Norfolk District Council has been asked to consult with individual town and parish councils affected and feed those responses to BT.

The Council has no role in drawing up the list of payphone services involved in the consultation.

NNDC has written to all affected town and parish councils to make them aware of the consultation and is asking for comments on the proposed removal of individual payphones within the council areas.

BT is also asking communities for feedback on whether they wish to join the Adopt a Kiosk scheme that allows a community to acquire any of the traditional red heritage phone boxes.

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Consultation 1

Consultation 1 final comments from the affected town and parish councils and communities have been considered by the Council’s Corporate Director and Head of Paid Service and the Council has now published its final decision to BT.

View a copy of the Council’s Final Decision and associated schedule in respect of Consultation 1.

Consultation 2

The Council has issued its draft decision and the community now have a further 30-day opportunity to comment on the draft decision before the Council issues its final decision to BT.

A copy of the Draft Decision and associated schedule in respect of Consultation 2 can be found here.

The deadline for receipt of further comments is midday on Friday 14 February 2020 and these should be sent to