Find out how to invite the Chairman to your event or function and what the correct procedures and protocols are when hosting the Chairman of the district council.

Councillor Pauline Grove-Jones Chairman of the Council, Cllr Pauline Grove-Jones

Please read the guidelines below if you would like to invite the Chair to your event or function. We deal with invitations on a first come, first served basis, and applying some months in advance is best.

How to invite the Chairman to an event

  1. Read the guidelines
  2. Email

What to include

  • date and time of the event, including when you want the Chairman to arrive and leave
  • address of the event
  • the Chairman's role at the event, including if you want them to make a speech
  • names and titles of other dignitaries attending the event

As well as details of the organisation:

  • name, address and contact details
  • how long has it been running
  • its aims and activities
  • details of its membership
  • any notable successes and achievements
  • anything else special or interesting about the organisation

What happens next

  1. Once we receive your invitation, the Civic Office will find out if the Chairman can attend your event.
  2. We will email you within five working days to let you know if the Chairman can attend.
  3. If the Chairman cannot attend your event, we may ask if you would like the Vice­-Chairman to take part in their place.

Guidelines for events

Read the following guidelines before inviting the Chairman to an event or function. 

The Chairman welcomes invitations to events in the District and likes to be well briefed about any function they attend. Therefore, please provide as much information as possible.

The event

Before you submit your invitation, you should consider what you want to achieve by inviting the Chairman to your event. 

You may want them to:

  • make a presentation
  • receive a cheque
  • read a lesson 
  • make a speech
  • draw a raffle


On the day of your event, the Chairman will arrive at the time stated in your invitation (this should be a few minutes before the event starts). It is helpful to include parking arrangements that are nearby too.

You must arrange for a responsible person to meet the Chairman and their escort immediately after they arrive. 

When they arrive, the responsible person should:

  • escort them to their places
  • make the appropriate introductions to other guests

You must ensure that somebody in your organisation looks after the Chairman and escorts them throughout the visit.


Within the District, the Chairman has precedence, subject to His Majesty's Royal prerogative. 

So when attending functions in the district, the Chairman is the most important guest, except when Members of the Royal Family or the Lord Lieutenant are present.

There is one exception to this rule. If the event occurs within a County Council establishment, the Chairman of the County Council takes precedence over the Chairman of the District Council.

The Vice-Chairman

The same guidance and precedence rules must be followed when the Vice-Chairman of the Council is deputising for the Chairman.


If the Chairman is to make a speech or reply to a toast, please submit as much information as possible before the event. For example, the body organising the event and any words or thanks that you want to include.

Contact us

Please contact if you have any questions about the procedures or protocols or require further information.