During the current issues around Covid-19 the Planning and Building Control Service will be having to adapt the service it can provide. We will regularly review and risk assess the activities we can undertake.

Page last updated: 26 August 2020

We continue to seek to minimise visits to our offices, where difficulties are experienced in accessing the service please contact our officers via email planning@north-norfolk.gov.uk

Planning Applications

We are only accepting application submission by digital sources. Planning applications can be submitted via the Planning Portal or by email at planning@north-norfolk.gov.uk

We will proceed with the validation of Planning Applications but may not be able to process them within the statutory time periods. Unfortunately, our processes are extended by the requirement to ensure that site inspections can be completed in a Covid secure environment, we will request a standing 1-month extension of time to all new applications submitted. We appreciate your patience and will work with applicants/agents to process applications as quickly as possible. When your application is made valid then our officers will send out a request for you / your agent to complete a questionnaire in relation to Covid-19. Please return to the officers with a completed questionnaire as quickly as possible.

Once this is returned our officers will be able to assess whether or not a site inspection can be completed in a safe and secure environment. Our officers will contact you once the assessment has been completed and will either confirm a date and time for the site inspection or alternative will discuss submission of remote evidence to enable your case to be moved forward.

Officers will work with applicants/agents to ensure that wherever possible progress can be made.

In those rare circumstances where visits cannot be completed securely and no alternative means of assessment can be pursued then we may request that your application is placed in abeyance / withdrawn. We will strive to work collaboratively with you to ensure such circumstances are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Also see our Planning FAQs.

Building Regulations

All Building Regulation applications, including Building Notices, can only be accepted via electronic submission portals or by email at building.control@north-norfolk.gov.uk Please note we do not subscribe to 'Submit a Plan'.

We are pleased to announce that site visits have commenced, all site visits will be via prior appointment and subject to officer’s assessment of the site being safe and secure. Our officers will contact you with regard to any site inspection work and ensure we are Covid compliant when visiting you.

Application assessment, amendments and pre submission advice may be subject to extended response times as our process have been complicated by the need to arrange appointments and complete Covid assessments.

Also see our Building Control FAQs.

Planning Policy

Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan review and support is continuing, albeit at a reduced capacity.

For general enquiries please email Planning.Policy@north-norfolk.gov.uk

Also see our Planning Policy FAQs

Property Information: Street Naming and Numbering and Local Land Searches

Local Land Searches are being processed by the Council. Personal Search visits are currently suspended and are being carried out by the Council, please email any requests to electronic.search@north-norfolk.gov.uk.  Our turnaround time may be slightly longer at this time (please allow up to 10 working days).

For any street naming and numbering queries please email llpg@north-norfolk.gov.uk.

Conservation, Design and Landscape

The pre-application advice service in relation to trees and listed buildings is continuing but may be offering a reduced service at this time as site visits will only be considered where they can be completed in accord with our Covid guidance.

For applications or advice please apply use our pre-application service or complete electronic forms and send by email to planning@north-norfolk.gov.uk

Similarly, Tree Works applications are being processed but site visits may be delayed by our need to assure Covid security. The case officer will contact you to discuss the best way forward. Please apply online via the Planning Portal,

We appreciate your cooperation and patience at this time.