Frequently asked questions about our new bin collection changes for 2022

From 5 September 2022, there will be changes to when recycling and waste bins are collected in North Norfolk. Your collection day or collection week for each bin might be changing.

Why are you making changes?

We are improving and changing bin collection days and routes to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

These changes are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the service both now and in the future. They will reduce the distances our bin trucks travel, accommodate new homes in the area, and help crews finish collections on time.

Will my collections be changed?

Over 90% of residents will experience a change to their recycling and household waste collection day or week of collection. Even if your bin day stays the same, it could be collected at a different time. 

We will be sending a leaflet to everyone to explain these changes.  

When will my bins be collected?

We will write to everyone so look out for a leaflet in the post between Monday 8 August and Tuesday 30 August. 

Collections happen any time during the day from 7am. All bins must be out for collection by 7am on collection day or the evening before.

Will my garden waste collections change?

There will be no changes to garden waste collections, so your brown bin will still be collected on the same day. 

What does the leaflet look like?

Here is a sample of the leaflet

I haven’t received a leaflet.

We will send a leaflet by post confirming your collection to all residents by 30 August. If you have not received one by this date, please request one by emailing or calling 0330 109 9220.

You can also check your new bin collection date online.

Residents in some properties, such as flats, which use larger communal bins may not receive a leaflet as these bins are collected differently.

When are the bin day changes happening? 

The week beginning Monday 5 September 2022

Can I put out extra sacks of household waste next to my grey bin?

If there are significant delays with your new grey bin collection day. We will accept extra sacks of household waste.

My collection day hasn’t changed, so why do I have to put my bin out by 7am?

Our collections can start at 7am. Your day may not have changed, but other collections on your round have, which will affect your collection time. 

Don’t miss a collection. Always leave your bin out by 7am on your collection day or the evening before.  

If my collection day has changed, when will you let us know?

We will send out all leaflets by 30 August

I need a large print version of the information.

You can request one by emailing or by calling 0330 109 9220, where you will have the options for accessible fonts and sizing.

You can also check your collection day online and use a screen reader to access the information.

If my bin collection is missed, will you come back? 

Please check it is the correct bin collection day. If it is the right day and we haven’t taken your bin by 6pm, please report a missed collection, and we will collect within two working days.

You must report a missed collection by midday on the second day after your scheduled collection date.

Collection day Report by
Monday midday Wednesday
Tuesday midday Thursday
Wednesday midday Friday
Thursday midday Monday
Friday midday Tuesday

Serco crews will be recording bins that have not been put out for collection on their onboard computers. If your bin was not out for collection when the crew visited, Serco will not come back to collect until your following collection is due.

Please remember to place your bin out by 7am.

I have an assisted collection because of disability or ill-health. Will this be affected?  

Our teams will continue to collect your bin from its normal storage space, take it to the bin lorry for emptying and then return it to its storage space.

What do I do with the waste or recycling I can’t fit into my bin?

If your collection is not due for several days, the leaflet provides details of how we will assist you, which are specific to your property.