Private Sector Leasing (PSL) is a scheme where the Council take a lease on a privately owned property.

We operate a (PSL) scheme to assist households needing housing whilst reducing the risks and hassle of renting for landlords.

How does it work

  • We lease your property for a period of one to five years
  • You receive guaranteed rent, paid in advance, with no void periods
  • We manage your property and let it to people in housing need
  • We carry out minor repairs up to the value of £250 per year

At the end of the agreement, we return the property to you in the same condition (minus fair wear and tear) as when the agreement started. 

Benefits for landlords

  • we manage your property
  • a single point of contact within the Council
  • no inventory costs and regular property inspections
  • Right to Rent checks carried by the Council
  • no need to register deposits with TDP schemes
  • no letting agent or management fees

Benefits for households

We can provide good quality temporary housing to households in the local area. The alternative is often located out of the district and can be some distance away, disrupting home life, work and school at what can already be a stressful time.

Who can apply? 

The scheme is open to all landlords with properties in North Norfolk. 

Your property needs to be:

  • in a good state of repair 
  • within North Norfolk
  • well maintained
  • unfurnished 
  • have a hard-wired smoke alarm
  • meet all health and safety requirements and have all the relevant certificates

Is there a cost?

The service is free, and we charge no commission or other fees.

How to register your interest

Please complete our online form if you want to work with us.

Register your interest

What happens next

We'll arrange a visit to your property. We'll see if it's suitable and talk about the rent and the terms and conditions of the lease. 

You have no obligation to rent to us after the visit.

We will advise you of any remedial work or repairs needed before we can lease. We will also draw up a lease that sets out your and our responsibilities. 

Your responsibilities

You will be responsible for the upkeep of the property structure. 

Our responsibilities

We will be responsible for the tenancy management of your property's household and daily repairs up to £250 per year. 

Further information

You can find scheme details in our PSL landlord information pack and PSL Scheme minimum property standards. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose which tenants rent my property?

Our private sector leasing scheme is a full-management service. We select our tenants based on the urgency of their housing needs and suitability for the property. Therefore, we allocate tenants to the properties rented through the scheme.

Do you accept furnished properties? 

Generally, we let properties unfurnished but with floor coverings. We prefer no furniture to be included due to fire risks. We are happy for integrated white goods to remain on the property, although these will need to pass an electrical check and be in good working order. 

Can I let through the scheme if I have a mortgage on my property?

If a mortgage is outstanding on your property, you will need to check with your mortgage provider and seek their approval.

Do I need to pay for maintenance?

After you have supplied the initial safety certificates, we will pay for gas safety checks throughout the lease. We will offer a full management service, including day-to-day maintenance and minor repairs - up to £250 a year at no extra cost to the landlord. We do expect you to cover the cost of any major repairs and structural issues. 

How long can I lease my property to the Council?

We are offering leases for one to five-year terms. 

How do I ensure my property is in a lettable condition?

We have provided an information guide detailing all that is required. In summary, you must have all the standard Landlord compliance checks. 

The property will need the following:

  • landlord gas safety certificate (if applicable)
  • satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

All rented properties must also have carbon monoxide alarms in all rooms with a fuel-burning appliance (except gas cookers) and every storey of a rented property where a room is used for living accommodation.

What happens if tenants don't pay their rent or damage my property?

Under the terms of the lease, North Norfolk District Council is responsible. Therefore, we cover bad debt or damages and recover the tenants' costs. We carry out regular property visits to ensure this. Our landlords are guaranteed to receive rent on time, and you will always get your property back exactly how you left it, minus general wear and tear.

Can I have a break clause included in my lease?

Our lease agreements include a 12-month break clause which means you can have full vacant possession for any reason after the initial 12-month period ends.

What management fees will I pay?

None. We do not charge management or administration fees, and you will never have to cover the cost of any possession. The Council covers this.