North Norfolk District Council’s Housing Delivery Incentive Scheme came into effect on 1 September 2013. The scheme introduced a range of temporary measures which were designed to speed up the delivery of approved housing development in the District.

The following incentives are currently available:

  • Affordable Housing (Incentive 1) This incentive increases the number of dwellings (up to 10) which can be built on small sites before seeking a contribution towards affordable housing through S106 agreements.
  • Affordable Housing (Incentive 2) Reducing the quantity of affordable housing to 25% on large scale development proposals of 11 dwellings or more in defined parts of the district (see 'Appendix 2: Affordable Housing Zones Map').
  • Renewable Energy (Incentive 3) Removing the requirement that part of the schemes energy needs should be generated from on-site renewable sources.

How to Apply

In order to qualify a developer must submit the scheme application form and, in due course, a section 106 legal agreement including a formal commitment to complete a substantial quantity of development within 18 months of the grant of planning permission. Applications to the scheme should not be made without advance discussions with a planning officer - contact details are provided within the application form.

These incentives can be applied for up until the adoption date of the new Local Plan for North Norfolk. Further details of how the scheme works and an application form can be found below.