Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) is the process of identifying and describing variation in the character of the local landscape

The current Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape character underpins many of the factors which make the District unique and which contribute to the quality of life in North Norfolk. A Landscape Character Assessment was prepared in 2009 to help implement Core Strategy policies, particularly Policy EN2 Protection and Enhancement of Landscape and Settlement Character.

The LCA provides a detailed assessment of the elements and features which contribute to make up the distinctive landscapes in North Norfolk. It maps the landscape into two levels - types and areas. These areas demonstrate a similar character of appearance, history and ecology, and the LCA describes them and evaluates their condition and ability to adapt to change.

View the adopted Landscape Character Assessment

The emerging Landscape Character and Landscape Sensitivity Assessments

In 2018 North Norfolk District Council commissioned two new studies: 

  1. a revised Landscape Character Assessment; and
  2. a new Landscape Sensitivity Assessment (with particularly reference to renewable energy and low carbon development).

These documents have been published in draft form and represent the most up to date and accurate assessments, based on current best practice. The intention is that they will be adopted as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) during 2020. These documents currently form a material consideration as part of the Planning process.