Whitsun Half-term Activities

We have a host of activities on offer for children in Cromer, North Walsham and Stalham during the Whitsun half-term break.

The Local Planning Regulations 2012 set out the process for preparing and adopting a new Local Plan.  Please view the relevant section below to see the current status of Local Plan production (where we are with regards to meeting the regulations) and for further information on each stage.

Stage 1 – Regulation 18 Notification (Complete)

The first stage of plan-making (Regulation 18 Notification) requires us to notify interested parties of the proposed subjects to be included in the Local Plan, and to invite comments.


A public consultation took place between 17 August and 9 October 2015 in order to seek comments on the Regulation 18 Notification Statement. Consultees were asked if there were any matters which had not been identified in the statement which should be included in the emerging Local Plan.

A report has been prepared which summarises the comments received and provides an officer response where relevant. These have been considered and will inform the content of the Local Plan.

All responses can be viewed in full on the Consultation Portal

A report of the consultation responses was discussed at the Planning Policy & Built Heritage Working Party in November 2015, and subsequently by Cabinet.

Stage 2 - Call for Sites (Complete)

Alongside Regulation 18, the 'Call for Sites' was an opportunity for developers, landowners, individuals and other interested parties to suggest sites within North Norfolk for development and to let us know when they will be available.

The evidence required to support the new Local Plan will identify the level of need for housing, employment, and land for other uses. The Council needs to know what land is available so that development can be located in the most suitable places.

The sites submitted to us could be for housing (sites of 5 dwellings or more, particularly on brownfield land), employment, retail and business uses, community facilities, gypsy & traveller sites, and other types of development.

Over 300 sites were submitted during the consultation period 18 January to 31 May 2016.

What happens now?

The Council is considering where new housing and other development could be distributed across North Norfolk, and will be reaching some initial conclusions on the general location and quantity of development required over the Local Plan period (2016-2036). We do not expect to reach any conclusions on this until the end of 2016. Alongside this work we will begin the process of appraising the sites which have been suggested through the Call for Sites, including other sites we consider might represent suitable options.

Once we have identified a preferred approach for the distribution of development, considered the alternative options, and have identified the most appropriate sites, we will undertake a formal public consultation - currently scheduled to take place in August 2017.

Many of the suggested sites are in rural locations which later in the process may be determined to be unsuitable places for new development. Furthermore it seems unlikely at this stage that the Council will allocate small sites (sites for less than 10 dwellings) for development in the new Local Plan. Therefore in the first instance we will be focusing our work on the larger sites in and around the District's towns.

We will be considering the approach to the development of smaller sites and the contribution they could make towards addressing housing needs, and this issue will also be included in the public consultation.

Stage 3 - Policy & Site Options Development (Active Stage)

This stage of preparing the Local Plan involves continuing to set the scope by identifying issues and opportunities, and translating these into emerging visions for the District and each of the larger settlements. Further work involves the identification of policy options and the alternatives along with the identification and appraisal of site specific options.

As part of this stage there will be continued evidence gathering so as to inform policy development, stakeholder engagement and public consultation where necessary.

Local Plan Workshops

In May and June Local Plan Workshops were held with each Town Council in North Norfolk, and Hoveton. The purpose of the workshops was to raise awareness of the Local Plan review in the main settlements, discuss very early scenarios around the location and quantity of future development, to identify issues and opportunities, and to enable general discussion.

Stage 4 - Draft Local Plan (Pending)

This stage of plan-making (Regulation 19) is where the proposed policies and site allocations are drafted. As part of this stage it is anticipated that there will be continued evidence gathering, stakeholder engagement where necessary and a further round of public consultation.

At the end of this stage the draft Local Plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination.

Stage 5 - Examination and Adoption (Pending)

Regulations 22-26 of the Local Planning Regulations involve the submission of the Draft Local Plan to the Secretary of State for independent examination, the examination hearings and subsequent consultation on any required changes to the Plan before it can be adopted for use - if it is found to be ‘sound’ by the Inspector.