We are currently experiencing technical issues

As a result of the system upgrade, we are currently experiencing some technical issues. We are working through the backlog of applications, but processing of search requests is taking longer than expected. As such we will not be able to address this backlog by the Christmas break. We have put in place weekend working to return as many searches as possible. Search results will be returned in chronological order. We will keep this web page updated on our progress over the next few weeks.

We thank you for your patience.

Further information can be found on the Planning Service Update page.

A local land charges search is undertaken as part of the conveyancing process when a property or a piece of land is being purchased, leased, valued or re-mortgaged. This reveals any restrictions or legal obligations against the site such as tree preservation orders conditional planning consents, conservation areas, listed buildings and so on.

How to apply for a local land charge search

Apply by email

What forms will I require?

  • Fill in the relevant local land charges forms - LLC1, CON29, CON29O
  • Prepare a plan showing the boundary of your search area. This must be an up-to-date O/S plan with the search area outlined in red.
  • Please note we only require one copy of the forms and plan

How long does it take to process?

You should receive the search results within four working days.

Cancelling a search

If you need to cancel a search please contact our Local Land Charges Team, if the search process has already started a fee may be payable.

How to pay

The fee can be sent to us via post/DX or paid by card/BACS or, if searches are submitted on a regular basis, a monthly invoice can be arranged.

A breakdown of fees for submitting the various forms


Item Net Vat Total
Full Search (LLC1 & CON29) £89.83  £13.17 £103.00
LLC1  £24.00  £0.00 £24.00
CON29  £65.83  £13.17 £79.00
Additional Elements
Additional Land Parcels LLC1  £2.00  £0.00 £2.00
Additional Land Parcels CON29 £14.58  £2.92 £17.50
Optional Enquiries (CON29O) - per question  £15.00 £3.00 £18.00
Own Additional Questions £20.00  £4.00 £24.00
B/Regs Q1.1 (j), (k) & (l)                £9.00 £1.80 £10.80
Personal Searches
Personal Search (Onsite Inspection) Free  Free Free