Tell us If you believe that property details are different from those shown on the Property Portal.

If you think the details are incorrect or that we have located your property in the wrong place, please complete the form below and return it to the Street Naming and Numbering team.

You can use our Property portal to check that we have your property registered and all the details are correct.

The Council maintains information on all properties in the District and it is vital that this information is correct. When you speak to companies they often try to find your address details either from a database based on the National Land and Property Gazetteer or through Royal Mail. NNDC update these sources when we are notified of changes. 

If you are experiencing problems it is often very easy for you to check your details and take action to prevent problems in the future. 

This information is not only used by our electoral, council tax, business rates, planning, coastal defence and environmental health services, but also other organisations such as the emergency services and Royal Mail.

The Street Naming and Numbering team are improving information held on properties, in particular we are trying to classify each property dependant on its use and type. We are using a standard property classification, if you would like to classify your property please email your address and your classification.

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