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Introduction - Our Shared Vision

North Norfolk is a unique and beautiful place. It is somewhere we cherish and we are proud to be entrusted with the role of leading our district and contributing to the future wellbeing and prosperity of the many communities we represent.

The Council faces tough challenges and competing demands. Our new corporate plan is being launched at a time of national and global austerity. Here at North Norfolk District Council, our income from government has already been cut, and will be reduced further as the Coalition Government grapples with a legacy of inherited debt, and the interest received from our investments is at its lowest for years. We must therefore find ways to run the Council and deliver services far more efficiently than ever before.

But the need for reform of the Council is not just the result of the tough economic climate. We believe that the Council has tried to do too much and spread itself too thinly in the process. By focussing now on the services that really matter to local people and businesses, we will improve our Council and deliver better value for money for taxpayers.

Our priorities for North Norfolk are:

  • To boost employment and create more jobs.
  • To enable the provision of new homes and the infrastructure that goes with them.
  • To protect our coastline and the character of our countryside and built heritage.
  • To empower individuals and local communities to have a greater say in their own futures.
  • To reform the organisation to deliver high quality services that achieve our priorities in an efficient manner that represents good value for local taxpayers.

Success in meeting these aims will involve making some difficult choices. We must ensure that our spending is focussed on the things that really matter to local people and businesses.

We must create opportunities for parish and town councils and other voluntary groups and organisations to come forward with their own ideas and plans for their communities, and then help those communities to realise their ambitions through local initiative and leadership. We will do everything we can to help the district to modernise, grow and prosper while at the same time continuing to value and protect our heritage.

This document sets out our plans through to 2015. It summarises our priorities and will guide the business decisions we will be taking to ensure that the Council is well-run and able to meet our objectives. The Government has brought forward its localism agenda and we will embrace it fully, putting it at the heart of all we do local decisions and local actions for the benefit of local communities.

October 2011