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Goats return to Cromer

7 December 2016
Goats return to Cromer

North Norfolk District Council moves town’s famous Bagot goats into Happy Valley

Earlier this year NNDC’s eight goats managed the habitat on Cromer’s overgrown cliff, and now the Council are setting them the same task at Happy Valley.

The Bagot billies, that have appeared on TV and in newspapers, returned today to the town and to a new home. The fenced off area in Happy Valley will be grazed by the goats to keep unwanted plants and excessive growth to a minimum.

Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillett Cabinet Member for Environmental Services said: “We’re so pleased to have the goats back in Cromer. I have been asked by lots of people in town and further afield when the goats will return.

“The goats have proved to be a real draw to the town, a talking point for residents and an added sight on the visitor’s list of great things to see in Cromer. They are also incredible habitat managers. I hope they’ll enjoy their new home and work hard to get it shipshape.”

While a new area of land for the goats was identified and then securely fenced, the Bagots were grazed on land in Kelling.

The Bagot is believed to be Britain’s oldest breed of goat and unlike most other breeds - that favour mountains and uplands - it developed in the English lowlands. Bagots are very hardy and easy to tame.

North Norfolk District Council holds afternoon tea to bring together exercise class attendees

6 December 2016
The District Council today invited seated exercise attendees from classes in Cromer, Sheringham and Holt to enjoy afternoon tea together.

The District Council today invited seated exercise attendees from classes in Cromer, Sheringham and Holt to enjoy afternoon tea together.

More than 30 people turned up to the celebration at the Council’s Cromer offices.

Wyn Nurse, Senior Sports Activator and organiser of the seated exercise classes said: “We wanted to get all these great people together to enjoy an afternoon chatting and finding more like-minded people. The Council also wanted to thank these loyal attendees to the seated exercise classes who come week after week and join in with such a fun and lively outlook.”

The exercise classes, held in public libraries in Cromer, Sheringham and Holt, are designed to support people who have trouble doing standing exercise or who enjoy a gentle work-out while sitting down.

Ann North Graves, 80, of Roughton attends the exercise classes in Cromer Library.

She said: “I started the classes because I couldn’t do any other form of exercise. It strengthens your muscles and you have great fun at the same time. A lot of the time we’re laughing and that in itself is good for your health!

“We can’t speak highly enough of the classes and the people running them, it’s a pleasure to go.”

And Ann Payne, 76, of Cromer, said: “This tea has been a lovely surprise, it’s brilliant and we are getting to meet people from the other classes.”

This year’s classes will come to an end before Christmas, but the timetable for 2017 will be released soon.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said: “We have seen superb attendance at our seated exercise classes this year, and the feedback we’ve been getting is very positive.

“We just wanted to say thank you to all those who have come along and benefitted from the classes, bringing with them huge enthusiasm, warmth and good humour.”

For more information about the classes please contact

Have Your Say On Ward Boundaries

6 December 2016
Have Your Say On Ward Boundaries

A review of ward boundaries, carried out by the independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is proposing to change the number of councillors on North Norfolk District Council from 48 to 40.

The Electoral Review proposals have been published today for an eight-week public consultation by the LGBCE and people across the district are being urged to have their say.

People can view the full detail of the proposals online or pop into the Council offices in Holt Road.

The proposals include:

  • a decrease in the number of councillors from 48 to 40 on North Norfolk District Council
  • a decrease in the number of wards within the area as a whole from 14 two-member wards and 20 single member wards (34 wards in total) to 26 single member wards and seven two-member wards (33 wards in total)
  • changes to 30 ward boundaries with 3 ward boundaries staying the same at Briston, Poppyland and The Raynhams

The consultation period runs from Tuesday 6 December through to Monday 30 January 2017; with the LGBCE aiming to publish its final recommendations in April next year.

Any changes are subject to approval by Parliament and would come into effect at the next district council election in May 2019.

The LGBCE is a national body; it undertakes periodic reviews of local government ward boundaries. The current review is based on population growth and significant variance in electoral equality across different parts of our district.

Cabbell Park – New Football Pitch and Facilities

2 December 2016
Cabbell Park – New Football Pitch and Facilities

Cromer’s Cabbell Park improvement works are on track for an early completion, with the pitch relocation completed today, Friday 2nd December.

North Norfolk District Council commissioned Renosteel Construction Ltd, Thrower & Rutland Ltd and Redhill Services Ltd to carry out work on Cabbell Park after MedCentres received the go-ahead for the multi-million pound medical centre this autumn.

Work was scheduled with Cromer Town Football Club, to ensure it didn’t disrupt the playing schedule.

As well as moving the pitch the Council has:

  • Drained land at the western end of the Park to ensure the realigned pitch is to the required playing standard;
  • Provided a new match officials’ changing facility on the Cromer Academy site – see pictures;
  • Refurbished and improved the team changing rooms at Cromer Academy as a replacement for the dated facilities at Cabbell Park
  • Provided a new path and gate linking Cabbell Park to the changing rooms
  • Moved the floodlights and ducting to ensure the pitch is playable in the evenings
  • Moved the pitch, goals and dug-outs to comply with football league regulations
  • Put up new posts and rail to match the new pitch layout
  • Put in a new electricity supply

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “We have been working hard to put the new facilities in, to support the provision of a modern health centre for the people of Cromer and to ensure that the club and football supporters have the facilities they need.

“The before and after photographs tell the story of our investment in Cabbell Park. We will have improved football facilities, the clubhouse is available to be used and there will be a modern medical centre to serve the people of Cromer.

“The Council is also working to identify a long term home for community sports facilities that can serve the people of Cromer.”

Wimbledon lawnmowers gifted to Cromer Tennis Club

2 December 2016
Wimbledon lawnmowers gifted to Cromer Tennis Club

Two lawnmowers which cut the most famous grass in the tennis world will be heading to Cromer to take up their new permanent home in the new year.

Cromer Lawn Tennis & Squash Club groundsmen Matthew Jordan and Peter Cooper will be taking ownership of two of Wimbledon’s mowers in January to help them maintain the excellent surfaces for which the club has become well known.

The famous All England Club, which manages Wimbledon, has gifted the mowers to Cromer.

Matt, aka Jordy, who is the year round groundsman at the Norwich Road club, explained: “A lot of care goes into the surface to ensure it is well maintained all year around.

“People think it’s just a summer job, but that’s not the case. We put in the work all year and that’s why the Cromer club is in the top six grass courts in the country.”

With 10 grass courts to maintain the surface comes in for a lot of wear and tear during the season, which usually runs from April to October.

For eight years Jordy has been scarifying, spiking, clearing and cutting, fertilising and top dressing the surface to ensure people are playing on one of the best grass court lawns in the country.

He and Peter have continued to build on the great work of Bob Cox, who maintained the courts for 40 years before he retired in 1978, and Mike Thompson, who then took up the mantle for a further 29 years.

“When the tennis season is in full swing and a tournament is on we cut and mark every day, otherwise it’s every other day,” added Jordy.

“Even out of season we keep it clipped and treat it. We have a regular maintenance programme and we spray and fertilise to keep the rye grass surface in good condition.”

Nationally the focus of the Lawn Tennis Association is to keep grass courts across the country as good as possible and once a year representatives from the LTA inspect grass surfaces across the country.

“The way we see it, keeping grass courts is key to this country producing the next Wimbledon champion, it’s fundamental to that,” said Jordy.

The Cromer duo was recently invited to Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Association to share their expertise in grounds maintenance and carry out their end of season renovation, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Multiple doubles Grand Slam winner and Davis Cup champion Jamie Murray and Dan Evans, who is also a Davis Cup champion, are among many leading names to have played at Cromer.

Cllr Judy Oliver, NNDC representative on the Club committee said: “The club has a fascinating history, and has welcomed its fair share of famous players through the years from Winston Churchill’s wife through to seven times champion Dorothy Chambers and Wimbledon champion Ann Jones. My hope is that the next Wimbledon champion comes from north Norfolk.”

With the club coming up to celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2018 it’s not hard to see why Cromer Lawn Tennis Club, which is supported by North Norfolk District Council, is regarded as one of the best in the country and a hidden gem on the North Norfolk coast.

North Norfolk District Council staff member wins national award

29 November 2016
North Norfolk District Council staff member wins national award

Leader of NNDC’s Democratic Services Team has been named Democratic Services Officer of the Year.

Emma Denny was presented with the prestigious award by the Association of Democratic Services Officers in recognition of her commitment to the District Council, her development of innovations and best practice, and her delivery of excellent service to customers above and beyond the call of duty.

Emma said: “I am really proud to have received this award and to be acknowledged by ADSO.

“The work of Democratic Services Teams across local government authorities is incredibly important. At North Norfolk District Council we are a small council and a small team and I hope that this award proves you don’t have to be part of the largest authorities in the UK to be good at what you do.”

The winners of the ADSO Awards were announced on November 24 at a conference in Nottingham.

Cllr Judy Oliver Cabinet Member for Democratic Services said: “This is a well-deserved award. Emma is a dedicated leader of the Democratic Services Team and we’re very pleased to have her expertise within North Norfolk District Council.”

Two successful North Norfolk District Council prosecutions for waste offences

28 November 2016
Two successful North Norfolk District Council prosecutions for waste offences

Always check you comply with laws governing disposal and transportation of waste

Two men have pleaded guilty to separate charges involving the illegal disposal of waste.

The successful prosecutions were brought by North Norfolk District Council.

Jason Harniman, who lives in Dunton near Fakenham, was charged with contraventions of section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in respect of the householders’ duty of care and failure to make such measures as are necessary to secure that any transfer of household waste is only to an authorised person.

Mr Harniman gave his waste to an unknown man in a van who turned up offering to take his scrap and other waste at no cost.

He pleaded guilty to the charge which related to waste tipped on Tatterford Road, Dunton, at Norwich Magistrates Court on November 17. He was given a conditional discharge for 6 months and ordered to pay £70.80 compensation, £150 costs and a victim surcharge of £20; a total of £240.80.

Joseph Burden, who lives in Plumstead, was charged under the Control of Pollution (amendment) Act 1989 for the offence of transporting controlled waste without being a registered waste carrier and also for a duty of care offence under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The charges were in relation to waste deposited in Marlpit lane, Hempstead. Mr Burden had accepted an offer from someone who had offered to take the waste for £20.

He pleaded guilty to two charges on November 17.

Norwich Magistrates Court sentenced Mr Burden to a six-month conditional discharge and imposed a £20 victim surcharge.

Cllr Judy Oliver, North Norfolk District Council cabinet member for Legal Services, said: “To address the serious problem of illegally disposed waste and the impact it can have on the environment and landowners, Parliament has imposed strict duties when it comes to dealing with both domestic and commercial waste.

“Fly-tipped waste can create serious hazards and is incredibly unsightly and offensive. Dealing with illegally dumped waste uses up our valuable resources and wastes our money. And it is our residents who end up paying that price, which is very unfair. At North Norfolk District Council, we will do all in our power to bring prosecutions against fly tippers.

“Always make sure you know that anyone disposing of your waste is correctly licensed to do so.”

New waste and recycling information for North Norfolk

24 November 2016
Christmas, New Year and 2017 wheelie bin collection dates

Christmas, New Year and 2017 wheelie bin collection dates

New waste and recycling calendars will help people across North Norfolk understand how their bin collection dates will be affected by public holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter.

Every year North Norfolk District Council’s collection dates over the Christmas period and other public holidays differ slightly, sometimes taking place a day or two earlier or later than expected.

The new calendars show when wheelie bins will be collected over the next 12 months, from this December through to November 2017.

Each calendar is specific to the usual day of collection, so people with Monday collections will receive different calendars to those with Tuesday collections and so on.

The calendars show any changes to collections as a result of public holidays by showing the actual collection date highlighted in yellow. If the dates haven’t changed they will appear in white. On the reverse side it illustrates what can go in the green recycling bin. Calendars will be hung on wheelie bins following emptying.

Delivery of the new calendars began last week and will continue this week, taking place on collection day.

Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillett Cabinet Member for Environmental Services said: “The calendars are being delivered to everyone across the District with a wheelie bin. We hope they will help people organise in advance when to put bins out for collection especially over Bank Holidays.

“It’s a really good idea to keep the calendar somewhere safe that you can see easily as a reminder of collection dates. I always keep mine on the kitchen pinboard so I don’t forget.”

New garden waste calendars are also being delivered over the next two weeks across the District and will be left under the garden waste bin lid or posted through residents’ doors if their bin has not been left out.

The information can also be seen on our bin collections page. Simply enter your postcode and then select your property name.

North Norfolk District Council hosts exhibition of silver and gemstone jewellery

24 November 2016
North Norfolk District Council hosts exhibition of silver and gemstone jewellery

New Exquisite Crystals collection showcases locally hand-crafted items.

North Norfolk District Council’s public art gallery welcomes local artist Bev Harding with a collection of jewellery.

Cromer resident Bev has been making costume jewellery and gifts for over 25 years.

This intricate collection demonstrates a variety of craft techniques, many of which have been self-taught. Bev’s jewellery showcases gemstones and pearls, as well as interesting reclaimed and recycled elements, some beachcombed around Norfolk’s coast.

Bev said: “My work really reflects where I live and where I come from; the reclaimed items I use come direct from my environment, while the beauty that can be created from silver and gemstones mirrors seas and skies and the light we experience here in Norfolk.

“I’m so pleased to be able to exhibit at the District Council.”

Bev’s exhibits will be for sale and she is available to make bespoke commissions in the run-up to Christmas.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture said: “It’s great to be able to offer craftspeople and artists a space to exhibit their works. This is a lovely collection of handmade jewellery and we are pleased to be able to host them.” Exquisite Crystals runs from 24 November, 2016 to 25 January, 2017 at the NNDC offices gallery in Holt Road, Cromer.

The 1st Floor Gallery is open to the public Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8.30am-5pm; Wednesday 10am-5pm; Friday 8.30am-4.30pm.

NNDC seeks to offer free opportunities to local artists to display their work in the well-lit gallery and in turn provides staff and visitors to the building the opportunity to see a variety of different artists’ work. Currently six exhibitions are held annually.

Car park machine vandalised in Holt

23 November 2016
Car park machine vandalised in Holt

The machine was discovered on Sunday November 20 covered in black paint or tar. The Police have attended the crime scene with a forensics unit.

No attempt to open the parking machine had been made and no money was stolen.

The ticket machine is inoperable at present but will be cleaned and repaired and should be online early next week. The cost of repairs will be approximately £2,000.

There will be no charge for parking in Station Road car park until the unit is repaired and working.

Leader of NNDC Cllr Tom FitzPatrick said: “We take this kind of vandalism very seriously and would like to hear from anyone who may have seen the incident taking place. The Council has a policy of prosecuting offences and we will make no exception in this instance.”

Anyone with any information please contact the Police on 101.

North Norfolk District Council staff raised £265 last week with a cake auction, a sweepstake and a ‘dress down day’. The fundraising was in aid of BBC Children in Need.

NNDC Leader Tom FitzPatrick said: “It was great to see everyone taking part and raising money for such a worthy cause.”

District Council’s ‘dress down day’ raises money for Children in Need

21 November 2016
Children in Need 2016

North Norfolk District Council staff raised £265 last week with a cake auction, a sweepstake and a ‘dress down day’. The fundraising was in aid of BBC Children in Need.

NNDC Leader Tom FitzPatrick said: “It was great to see everyone taking part and raising money for such a worthy cause.”

Joint appointment signals innovative approach at NNDC

An innovative approach has been adopted by North Norfolk District Council to provide the council with clear leadership and a dynamic structure for the future.

17 November 2016
Council offices

At the full Council meeting on Wednesday 16 November elected Members appointed corporate directors Nick Baker and Steve Blatch as joint Head of Paid Service.

Nick and Steve have worked at the authority for a total of 35 years. They have provided clear leadership and have a deep understanding of the challenges facing the district.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council, said: “This innovative approach will enable the Council to be bold and decisive as we face future challenges.

“Our focus has always been to deliver an excellent service for our residents and to do that, we need to ensure we get the very best from the talented team of managers and staff we have here.

“I’m absolutely delighted that the Council has taken this approach and this will not only deliver a dynamic new management style, but it will also help us move forwards. Team work is an essential part of local government and by appointing both Nick and Steve as joint Head of Paid Service, it shows the faith and confidence we have in our existing staff.”

This approach will build on the strengths of the senior officer team, deliver £240,000 annual saving to the Council, whilst ensuring the council can move forward quickly and effectively on an agenda which will continue to be community focussed.

As well as the appointments at Full Council yesterday, the Council agreed to fund half a million pounds to support the Bacton and Walcott Coastal Management Scheme; agreed the Economic Growth Strategy and Action Plan – to support businesses and attract more people to the area; and signed off a Housing Strategy to address the housing and infrastructure needs for people in the area.

Cllr FitzPatrick said: “These appointments show the authority is decisive, effective and is always prepared to adopt new ideas and ways of working. We have a winning team in Nick and Steve and as we look to the future, I’m confident we will manage our services with a theme of continuous development and for the benefit of the people of North Norfolk.”

Both Mr Blatch and Mr Baker have many years of experience of frontline service delivery, with Mr Blatch specialising in planning, economic development, housing and community engagement, and Mr Baker specialising in waste, environmental protection, civil contingencies and contract management.

In a joint statement Mr Blatch and Mr Baker said: “We will play to these strengths giving strong technical leadership and resilience.

“We are both honoured the Council has appointed us and thank members for their confidence.

“We look forward to working with the Council, partners and local communities to help North Norfolk realise its full potential both economically and socially.”

Free Car Parking Boost for Christmas Shopping

Free car parking will be provided across the district to encourage more people to come and shop in town centres in the run up to Christmas.

7 November 2016
Free Parking at Christmas

The free weekend car parking sessions will be at:

  • North Walsham - Saturday 26th November and Saturday 24th December
  • Cromer - Saturday 3rd December and 10th December
  • Fakenham - Saturday 3rd December and Sunday 4th December
  • Stalham - Saturday 10th December and Sunday 11th December
  • Wells - Saturday 3rd December and Sunday 4th December
  • Holt - Sunday 11th December and Sunday 18th December
  • Sheringham - Saturday 17th December and Sunday 18th December

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “Encouraging more people into the high street is vital and these free Christmas car parking weekends are designed to do just that and make shopping less stressful by shopping locally.

“By providing the free car parking sessions my hope is that we help to attract more shoppers into our town centres and support our local economy by using our excellent local shops.”

The dates were agreed following consultation with the town councils.

Free parking on Remembrance Sunday

North Norfolk District Council to provide free parking on Remembrance Sunday

31 October 2016
Free Parking on Remembrance Sunday

Parking in NNDC car parks will be free on Remembrance Sunday (Sunday November 13).

As in 2014 and 2015 the Council has decided to waive parking fees all day on Remembrance Sunday, meeting local community wishes.

Parking will be free all day on November 13.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “It is important to many people in our communities that they mark Remembrance Sunday and all those fallen in conflicts around the world.

“We hope this gesture by the Council can make the paying of respects and attendance of remembrance ceremonies that bit easier by not having to worry about change or overstaying their time.”

North Norfolk District Council holds Disability Sports Day

North Norfolk District Councils Sports Clubs and Hubs Project held a Disability Sports Day for adults on Wednesday 26 October at Holt Community Hub.

27 October 2016
Disability Sports Day at Holt Community Hub

All the activities were free and there were different sports for everyone to try.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said: “We hope this day will be fun and encourage more people with disabilities to get active and participate in sports.

“This year’s Paralympics has shown disability is no impediment to success and it’s vital everyone can have the opportunity to get the benefits that come from being active. Whether you want to win Gold or just have a go, sport is good for both mind and body.”

The activities available on the day were:

  • Boccia – this is just like boules and can be played from a chair, a wheelchair or standing;
  • Indoor Golf;
  • New Age Kurling - this is just like curling but on wheels.

The Disability Sports Day ran from 10.00am until 2.00pm and was open to over-18s with a disability.

For further information please contact 01263 516305 or email

North Norfolk District Council supports primary school Eco Group

Litter pickers and bin bag hoops donated to schoolchildren who take care of environment.

24 October 2016
Primary school eco group

Sheringham Community Primary School has been given 10 litter pickers and 10 bin bag hoops from NNDC to help them look after the environment.

The school’s Eco Group carries out weekly community litter picks and won a Total Green School Award earlier this year.

Head teacher Sue Brady said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to the District Council for donating the litter pickers and hoops to our Eco Club.

“We encourage the children to take care of themselves, each other and their environment. They perform their regular litter picks around our school grounds and are now aiming to set an example to the whole community through their litter picking around the public places in Sheringham.

“They are very enthusiastic and know how valuable their contribution is towards keeping the town neat and clean. We are really grateful that with your help, we can now pick up more litter and hopefully encourage others to do the same.”

This year the school hopes to win another Total Green School Award.

Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillett Cabinet Member for Environmental Services said: “Sheringham Primary’s Eco Group is a wonderful band of people all taking great care of their environment. These children and teachers are setting a great example for us all to follow. North Norfolk District Council is pleased to support this initiative.”

BT consultation begins over removal of North Norfolk payphones

Communities asked to comment on proposals to remove 74 public payphones.

24 October 2016
BT consultation on payphones

Telecommunications company BT has written to North Norfolk District Council to confirm the start of a 90-day consultation over the removal of 74 least-used public payphones in the District.

BT has informed the Council it has placed consultation notices on the relevant payphones with the date they have been posted.

As part of the 90-day consultation North Norfolk District Council has been asked to consult with individual town and parish councils affected and feed those responses to BT.

The council has no role in drawing up the list of payphone services involved in the consultation.

NNDC has written to all affected town and parish councils to make them aware of the consultation and is asking for comments on the proposed removal of individual payphones within the council areas.

BT is also asking communities to feed back on whether they wish to join the ‘Adopt a Kiosk’ scheme that allows a community to acquire any of the traditional red heritage phone boxes.

North Norfolk District Council has requested town and parish councils send back comments by November 30 to allow the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee to discuss the proposed North Norfolk response at its meeting on December 14.

The consultation ends on January 16, 2017.

Public Inquiry - Pond Farm, Bodham and Selbrigg Farm, Holt

A Public Inquiry will be held next month into two wind turbine applications which had been turned down by North Norfolk District Council.

21 October 2016

The public inquiry, which will be held in the Council Chamber at North Norfolk District Council’s offices at Holt Road, Cromer, is due to start at 10am on 22 November and last for seven days.

Genatec Ltd had asked for planning permission to put up a single wind turbine, measuring up to 66 metres tall, at Pond Farm, Bodham, Holt along with a single storey substation and access tracks.

Selbrigg Generation Ltd had requested planning permission to put up a single wind turbine measuring up to 78 metres, an access track, substation and a temporary meteorological mast on land at Selbrigg Farm, Hempstead, Holt.

A planning inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will lead the public inquiry into the two appeals. Members of the public are invited to attend the inquiry and can, if the inspector allows, express their views.

Cllr Sue Arnold, Cabinet Member for Planning said: “It’s vital that the local issues and concerns are fully taken into account when deciding planning applications and it’s my sincere hope that the public inquiry respects the views of the communities and upholds the decisions of the local planning authority, who are well placed to be able to understand what is best for their area and reflect local feelings.”

If you would like to look at the appeals please go to the Planning Inspectorate website and search for case references 3134132 and 3143028.

Consultation on the Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

North Norfolk District Council is preparing a new Local Plan. The Plan will include new planning policies (used in the determination of planning applications) and will allocate areas of land to address the development needs of the District for the period 2016-2036.

18 October 2016
Council offices

As part of the preparation of the emerging Local Plan, an appraisal of the social, environmental and economic impact of the plan must be carried out. This appraisal is known as a Sustainability Appraisal (SA). The SA will also meet the requirements for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Local Plan.

In order to identify the range and level of detail of the information to be included in the SA, a Scoping Report has been produced.

For a period of 6 weeks between Monday 10 October 2016 and Monday 21 November 2016, the Council are consulting with Historic England, Natural England, the Environment Agency and other relevant bodies on the content of the Scoping Report.

Whilst this is primarily a technical consultation with the statutory bodies listed above, other organisations and individuals may also submit representations.

Further information and the Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report is available on the Council’s website.

For further information, please email or telephone 01263 516084 or 01263 516034.

Launch of Sporting Centre of Excellence in North Norfolk

Putting the spotlight on sporting talent in North Norfolk, and helping young people realise their sporting potential is the goal of the Sporting Centre of Excellence which has been established by North Norfolk District Council working with Gresham’s School in Holt.

3 October 2016
Olympic gymnast and Commonwealth Gold Medal Winner Craig Heap

The unique project has brought together talented children with professional coaches to help them maximise their sporting talent to the full.

More than 80 children and their parents took part in the launch organised by North Norfolk District Council at Gresham’s School on Monday 3 October.

Olympic gymnast and Commonwealth Gold Medal Winner Craig Heap, who has represented England more than 100 times, helped to launch the district council project on the night and spoke to the parents and children, encouraging them to believe in their dreams and go for it.

Craig said: “The council deserves praise for this initiative. People should believe in their dreams and not let anything stand in their way; this scheme will really help young people go as far as their talent will take them. It’s a fantastic project.”

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “Taking part in sport is so important – and this is an inspirational project. I would like to thank everyone at the council especially Cllr Judy Oliver and Cllr Becky Palmer for helping to bring this scheme forward. As a council we are committed to improving the health and wellbeing in our area and we will do all we can to support the talented sporting stars of the future.”

Mum Holly Smith, whose son Henry, aged 11, is taking part in the running coaching sessions said: “Henry was bowled over by Craig and was truly inspired by everything on the night. We truly cannot believe that these opportunities are available to the children in north Norfolk. What you are offering young people in this new scheme has the potential to be life changing.”

The project will provide top-class coaching in netball, hockey, cricket and running over the academic year with sessions held at Gresham’s School in Holt for children aged 11-14 years. The district council is providing £20,000 in funding and supporting the project through the council’s sports and leisure team.

North Norfolk District Council wins anti-social behaviour injunction against street drinker

Cromer man forbidden from being drunk or using abusive language in town.

4 October 2016

Ian Donald Beech, 50, has been served with an anti-social behaviour injunction by Norwich Magistrates Court.

The court heard how Mr Beech of Genesis Hostel, Cabbell Road had repeatedly been found intoxicated in the streets of Cromer. Associated behaviour included shouting abuse, urinating in the street and passing out.

The injunction served last week forbids Mr Beech from being drunk or in possession of any opened container of alcohol in any public place in a designated area of Cromer; it also forbids him from using abusive or threatening language in public anywhere in a designated area of the town.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “Mr Beech’s persistent drinking had been causing a number of issues for local businesses and the local community.

“This injunction shows the Council will not tolerate, or expect our communities to tolerate, persistent anti-social behaviour.”

This is the second time North Norfolk District Council has used the injunction, part of the powers given to the Council under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act.

Both were issued working in partnership with the police operational partnership team, local safer neighbourhood policing teams and with the support of the local community.

Cllr FitzPatrick added: “The Council recognises the need for help for individuals suffering from addiction and has worked in conjunction with voluntary services to provide support and assistance.

“However we cannot accept behaviour which is a nuisance and upsetting to our residents and many visitors.”

The injunction comes at the end of a long process of engagement with the individual and is not intended to punish but to prevent further anti-social behaviour.

New joint procurement pest control contract awarded

North Norfolk District Council, in partnership with Broadland District and Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Councils, has awarded a new pest control preferred supplier contract.

3 October 2016
Millennium Pest Control

The joint procurement contract with Millennium Pest Control Ltd will lead to savings for residents across the three councils and the introduction of a new online booking system to streamline services, giving people the opportunity to book 24/7.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick Leader of North Norfolk District Council: “We’re really pleased to have Millennium Pest Control as our approved contractor and that working on a joint procurement basis with Kings Lynn and Broadland has allowed us to negotiate very good rates for all our residents.

“If you experience a problem with pests in your home you are guaranteed a service costing significantly less than market rates.”

From October 1, 2016 anyone in the three council areas experiencing a problem with pests, such as bed bugs, rats, fleas, cluster flies, carpet beetles, mice, wasps, or cockroaches, should contact Millennium Pest Control via their council website.

Cllr John Fisher, Broadland District Council’s portfolio holder for environmental excellence, said: “This new contract shows excellent partnership working between district councils, and one that delivers great value services for our residents in Broadland.”

A new online booking system will ensure residents’ concerns are dealt with as soon as possible. And for an extra charge, there will be an express service.

Millennium Pest Services will deliver quarterly reports to each council ensuring their environmental teams are aware of services provided and any complaints made. If there are wider pest control issues in any of the council areas, these will be tackled as normal by the councils’ enforcement teams.

Investment in Cromer’s West Promenade

Million pound plus investment for jobs and the tourist economy

27 September 2016

North Norfolk District Council is investing a further £1.2 million pounds in new facilities on Cromer’s West Promenade to help develop the tourism potential of the town and improve the facilities for the District’s residents.

The District Council is committed to making a number of investments in Cromer to increase the facilities for visitors and residents as part of a four year programme to enhance jobs and the tourism economy.

Investment this year has seen improvements along the West Promenade from the zig-zag path to the Melbourne Slope with the refurbishment of the viewing turrets, and path including installation of solar lighting, and external repairs to the Art Deco block costing £110,000 in total.

The disabled parking has been made fully compliant and its repositioning provides safer, clearer access for all along the prom.

Works are now being taken forward to provide new promenade lighting and arrangements made to install new public toilets, catering kiosk and themed children’s play equipment near the Anglian Water Pumping Station next Spring ready for the 2017 summer season.

As part of the improvements to the West Promenade, the Council is now seeking a private investor to help bring the Art Deco block to life and realise its commercial potential.

Cllr John Rest, Cabinet Member for Assets said: “We are seeking a private sector partner to take the Art Deco block onto the next stage and ensure it is a viable business proposition helping to draw visitors and local residents to this part of the town.”

Adverts are going out this week to highlight the business potential of the building to find someone who can provide further investment to fit out the facility and offer a unique and unrivalled facility for all visitors to the promenade.

Cllr Rest added: “We are looking to encourage innovation and build a tourist destination which is unrivalled on the east coast. At this stage we are open minded as to the potential use of the site and keen to ensure that the successful proposal will serve all visitors to the West Promenade and help to improve the district’s tourism offer and extend the tourist season.”

Tourism boost for North Norfolk’s economy

Plus details of Visit North Norfolk event on 28 September

26 September 2016
Cromer from the pier

North Norfolk’s popularity as a tourist destination is booming with day trippers and people enjoying ‘staycations’ boosting the region’s economy. That’s the verdict from the latest tourism report.

The Destination Research report on the Economic Impact of Tourism for 2015 released this month shows that in north Norfolk more than 10,000 people are employed in tourism related roles (either part-time or full-time) and that tourism is worth more than £484m to the area annually.

That figure has been growing year on year according to previous annual reports, from £415m in 2012, £434m in 2013 and £470m in 2014. This equates to more than a 16% increase across four years. During that same time period, the number of full time equivalent jobs in the sector has increased from 6,550 to 7,831, a rise of nearly 20%.

With more people visiting the area the sector supports local shops, pubs, cafes and transport services, bringing income to suppliers and producers and fuelling the wider north Norfolk economy.

The report highlights that in 2015 there were 7,950,700 trips to North Norfolk with 7,392,000 day trips and 558,700 staying trips (2,383,000 staying nights).

The report estimates that the value of overnight trips is more than £139m with day trippers spending more than £259m.

North Norfolk District Council spends money on key coastal and countryside tourist attractions and facilities including:

  • Four Blue Flag Beaches at Cromer, Mundesley, Sea Palling and Sheringham
  • Two Seaside Award beaches at East Runton and Wells
  • Council owned assets such as Cromer Pier and Holt Country Park, the latter boasting one of three Green Flags across the district
  • 27 car parks - 17 at beach or visitor attraction locations
  • Public toilets

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council, said: “North Norfolk is a stunning area and personally I believe it’s simply the best part of England.

“We’ve got spectacular beaches, areas of outstanding natural beauty both coastal and inland, and some absolutely fantastic towns and villages for people to enjoy. We recognise the importance of tourism to the district’s economy and it is essential to ensure north Norfolk continues to attract people and welcome them back time and time again.”

Cllr Nigel Dixon, North Norfolk District Council’s Cabinet member for Economic Development and Tourism, said: “Anecdotally lots of people tell me – and I have seen it myself – that our towns and villages are attracting more and more visitors. These statistics back that up and help measure that growth in black and white.

“I’m not surprised that more and more people are waking up to the beauty of our district and deciding to spend their holiday time on our doorstep. North Norfolk is quite simply delightful and inspirational.”

Kayla Dunne, Brand Manager of Visit North Norfolk, said: “Our marketing campaign this year, Nip to North Norfolk, focused on how to enjoy the unique attributes of the north Norfolk coast and countryside, such as big skies, beaches and the Broads National Park, through a series of ‘how to’ films.

“Our campaign has reached a wide audience through TV adverts, radio promotion, PR and a social media campaign, which carries on throughout the winter and spring months, encouraging people to visit the area.”

North Norfolk District Council has supported Visit North Norfolk’s 2016 Nip To North Norfolk Campaign to attract more people to the area to enjoy all the pleasures of the English coast – for example how to build a sandcastle, how to catch a crab and how to spot clouds.

And there is a chance for tourism businesses to learn more about the future of north Norfolk tourism on September 28 at a Visit North Norfolk member networking event.

Potential new members are welcome at the event on Wednesday 28th September, from 5pm to 7pm, at Woodland Holiday Park, Trimingham.

Speakers will be Cllr Nigel Dixon, North Norfolk District Council’s Cabinet member for Economic Development and Tourism; Andrew Hird, Chairman of Visit North Norfolk; Kayla Dunne, Brand Manager of Visit North Norfolk; and Pete Waters, Executive Director of Visit East Anglia.

The event will explain how tourism promotion works in north Norfolk, discuss marketing, give details of membership benefits and provide an opportunity to network with other tourism businesses.

Graham Allen 2016 awards announced

Pensthorpe play barn wins prestigious North Norfolk District Council conservation and design award

21 September 2016
Hootz House Penthorpe

Hootz House in Penthorpe has been awarded the 2016 Graham Allen Award for its exceptional design and contribution to the built environment of the District.

Pensthorpe Natural Parks new play barn incorporates a 300m2 indoor adventure centre and was commended by the judging panel for its innovative approach to design and sustainability.

Chair of the judging panel and Cabinet Member for Planning Cllr Sue Arnold said: “This project has really excelled, not only in its unique architectural design but also in achieving its goal of being truly sustainable and providing an exciting new attraction for the District.

“The standard of entries in this 35th year of the Graham Allen Awards has been excellent. There was extremely stiff opposition and all those shortlisted can be incredibly proud.”

Ninety per cent of the timber used in Hootz House construction was sustainably sourced, with the cedar cladding including 50mm-holes for insects and birds. The energy used on site is also provided by a new ground source heat pump.

During the Council’s annual Greenbuild event, members of the public were also invited to vote for their favourite shortlisted 2016 Graham Allen project for the People’s Choice Award. The vote attracted more than 1,000 votes.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award was Sheringham Rail Station for the development of the town’s new tourist information centre, public toilets, platform footbridge and new retail units. The project was praised for its attention to detail, quality of workmanship and for improving the town’s services.

Sheringham Rail Station also won the Commended Award from the Judging Panel. The Highly Commended Award went to The Stable Yard, Rectory Lane, Northrepps. The project involved the difficult challenge of converting a pair of derelict Grade II listed stables for new use whilst maintaining their original character and appearance.

The judging panel commended the scheme for its success in securing the long-term conservation of the run-down stables and for adopting a traditional approach to repair and restoration.

The awards are to be presented at 1.45pm at Oddfellows Hall, Sheringham on 21 September by Edward Allen, the eldest son of the late Graham Allen who was the first chairman of North Norfolk District Council.

District Councillor to scale Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for charity

Cllr Hilary Cox will climb to 5,795m in five-day challenge for Multiple Sclerosis centre

21 September 2016
Councillor Hilary Cox

Councillor Hilary Cox is set to ascend Africa’s largest mountain just four months after having knee-replacement surgery at the age of 65.

The Cromer District Councillor has already reached Everest Base Camp in an expedition five years ago, but will now fly to Tanzania to conquer dormant volcano Kilimanjaro.

Cllr Cox said: “I am always up for a challenge especially when it’s for a good cause. If you keep yourself well and fit you have the potential to do more.

“My doctor wouldn’t give me a medical certificate for the trip because I had problems with my knee, so I had to have a new knee, and it’s working very well at the moment.”

Cllr Cox has been in training by walking as much as possible and recently walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

She added: “The main training I’m doing is breathing. When I did the Everest Base Camp I had a bit of altitude sickness, so I am trying to make sure I can control that as much as possible while I am going up Kilimanjaro.”

The trek up Kilimanjaro has different climate zones with tropical forest, volcanic and arctic conditions. For the five-day ascent and one-day descent Cllr Cox will be sleeping in a tent.

Cllr Cox is raising money for The Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Norwich, the chosen charity of a friend who is also ascending Kilimanjaro.

She said: “I have been to the centre and it’s brilliant. It offers training for all types of neurological conditions, supporting people to keep moving through the learning of skills and crafts.

“We are on track to raise £2,500 between the two of us and we hope to raise even more.”

To donate please go to: Barry & Hilary's Kilimanjaro Challenge page

Spooky goings on in North Norfolk this Hallowe’en

In the build-up to this year’s All Hallows’ Eve North Norfolk District Council is organising some ghoulish events for all the family!

21 September 2016
Holt Country Park

In Bacton Woods and Holt Country Park you can follow our trail through the magical woods and discover the myths and legends of the areas.

And for all those who enjoy fairy rings and toadstools, join expert Dr Tony Leech on a fungi walk.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Leisure said: “It is getting to that time of year when things goes bump in the night and North Norfolk District Council’s Countryside Team is gearing up for some frighteningly good events in the week before Hallowe’en. Everyone should put the dates in the diary – these are going to be great fun.”

On Monday October 24 enjoy the Hallowe’en Trail at Holt Country Park between 10am and 12pm, or at Bacton Woods on Thursday October 27 between 10am and 12pm. And at 2pm on Monday October 24 join our Fungi Walk at Holt Country Park.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

For more NNDC events check out our Facebook page:

Court fines school run taxi driver after driving without appropriate licence or insurance

North Norfolk District Council wins case against Happisburgh taxi driver

20 September 2016

Norwich magistrates’ court last week (Wednesday September 14) ordered Michael Hunniball to pay £530 for driving his taxi without the appropriate NNDC licence or insurance.

The court heard that Mr Hunniball’s Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Driver’s licence had expired on May 13, 2016, but that the defendant had driven passengers as part of his Norfolk County Council school passenger transport contract on June 20, 2016.

Cllr Judy Oliver Cabinet Member for Licensing said: “This outcome is very important for the Council in ensuring public safety. The penalty awarded in the case shows that these breaches of licensing regulation will not be tolerated and are taken seriously by the courts.”

Mr Hunniball, who owns Black Knight Cars, was fined:

  • £100 for not having an appropriate North Norfolk District Council licence;
  • £200 for not having insurance, plus 6 points added to his DVLA driver’s licence;
  • £200 costs awarded;
  • £30 victim surcharge.

[Photo credit: BBC Suffolk]

North Norfolk District Council presents Orchestras Live North Norfolk 2016/17 season

North Norfolk District Council is proud to present Orchestras Live North Norfolk, a series of the highest quality orchestral concerts developed in partnership with Orchestras Live and community organisations.

13 September 2016
Orchestra Live North Norfolk 2016/17 season

The concerts, now in their sixth year, will take place in North Walsham in October, followed by Holt in February 2017 and concluding with Sheringham in March.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Culture said: “We are delighted to host such a talented group of musicians. This new programme of public concerts promoted by local community groups with the support of Orchestras Live is incredibly exciting. This year’s concert series continues to make a major contribution to the cultural life of the district and firmly underlines North Norfolk District Council’s commitment to the arts.”

The 2016-17 series reflects a wide range of concert music, with a repertoire which stretches from the 15th to 21st century.

Highlights for this year include October’s performance of new works by Manchester Camerata’s current artist in residence Deborah Pritchard, including a concerto for leading trumpet soloist Tine Thing Helseth.

In February, City of London Sinfonia will join renowned violinist Alexandra Wood for an exciting performance including Vivaldi’s classics.

The concert series concludes in March with Sinfonia Viva, featuring soloist clarinet and director Chris Swann. This collaboration will include a narrative version of Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Covering the full spectrum of classical performance this series is in partnership with local community partners Arts North Norfolk, FALCON (Facilitating Arts and Literature for the Children of Norfolk) with St Andrews Church in Holt, and Sheringham Little Theatre.

Cllr Palmer added: “We are incredibly grateful for the continued support of Orchestras Live which does so much to produce orchestral events and projects across England and, through their long-standing partnership with North Norfolk, offers our audiences the opportunity to experience a series of orchestral concerts of the highest quality.”

The first concert at the Atrium Theatre with the Manchester Camerata takes place at 7.30pm Saturday October 29. Tickets cost £16 for adults and £12 for 16 years and under contact 01692 218060.

Sporting Centre for Excellence in North Norfolk

Putting the spotlight on sporting talent in the region

30 August 2016

A Sporting Centre for Excellence for pupils across the district is being established by North Norfolk District Council working with Gresham’s School in Holt.

The proposal, being considered by NNDC’s Cabinet at its meeting on Monday 5 September, is to establish specialist sports coaching sessions for talented North Norfolk school children aged 11 – 14 years.

The aim of the project is to recruit young people with the potential to excel in a sport and give them an excellent coaching experience and the opportunity to achieve their sporting dreams.

For the first year the focus will be on supporting coaching for talented pupils in cricket, hockey, netball and running. Cabinet is being asked to approve a budget of £20,000 to support the scheme.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of NNDC said: “This Council is committed to improving the health and wellbeing in the area; it’s one of our priorities. We want to do all we can to support the talented sporting stars of the future to help them realise their potential and emulate the success of our Team GB medal winners this summer.

“We may have the next Laura Trott or Max Whitlock and this programme is all about ensuring we do our best to encourage young people from across North Norfolk to fulfil their sporting potential.”

Under the programme, coaching sessions will be run from October during school term time taking advantage of the excellent facilities at Gresham’s School in Holt.

Cllr Becky Palmer, NNDC Cabinet Member for Leisure said: “We really want to encourage young people to make the most of their sporting talents and ensure North Norfolk is helping to build Team GB for future Olympiads.

“This programme is about encouraging children across North Norfolk to reach their potential through sport. We know we have people with sporting talent and we want to do all we can to support our young people to realise their dreams.”

Pupils have been invited to take part in the selection day for the four sports through their schools and the aim is to recruit up to 16 young people per sport and provide 24 weeks of coaching each year.

Headmaster of Gresham’s School Douglas Robb said: “This is an excellent project and we are very pleased to be part of it.”

If you would like to take part in the selection trials for the coaching sessions please contact Wyn Nurse on 01263 516035.

Council gallery hosts new exhibition

North Norfolk District Council’s public art gallery showcases new exhibition of wildlife photography by Alan Dixon

30 August 2016

The exhibition celebrates the character of Norfolk’s wildlife, with an especially fond focus on the brown hare.

Local photographer and Commercial Manager Alan Dixon captures most of his subjects in his garden or on his organic mixed farm.

He said: “Hares are my favourite subject and there is a healthy population on the farm. They are not that difficult to photograph but, like all nature photography, success depends on careful observation and planning, sometimes with a little discomfort and boredom thrown in for good measure – there is rarely any luck involved!”

Wildlife of farm and field: an exhibition of wildlife photography opened August 23 and runs at NNDC’s gallery until September 12, 2016.

North Walsham regeneration boost a step closer

North Norfolk District Council is soon expected to be in a position to be able to offer J D Wetherspoons freehold vacant possession of the council offices in New Road, North Walsham.

23 August 2016

The agreement to sell the listed property to the award-winning pub chain has been dependent on North Norfolk District Council finding alternative premises for North Walsham Town Council. NNDC also wanted to ensure it supported Citizen’s Advice Bureau and North Norfolk Community Transport in finding alternative premises.

This has now been achieved with the Town Council about to move into the Register Office in Kings Arms Street on a 10-year lease. In order to ensure these premises are fit for purpose for both the Town Council and registrars, NNDC is proposing to provide a kitchen and second toilet for the building.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau will be moving to a unit in St Nicholas’s Precinct and North Norfolk Community Transport has already moved to the North Walsham Industrial Estate.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “We are very pleased to be close to being able to offer freehold vacant possession allowing Wetherspoons to move forward with its proposals for a pub-restaurant in the town, subject to planning and licensing consents.

“Attracting new jobs and improving the facilities in North Walsham is a major priority for the District Council."

“The process of identifying suitable new premises for the organisations working within the New Road building has taken more time than anticipated but we are pleased each now has a new home.”

It is expected the £1.6m investment proposals can now be progressed with the purchase of the New Road property by J D Wetherspoons and application for planning permission to convert the building into a pub.

Changes to Development Committee arrangements

Register to speak in advance

17 August 2016

The way members of the public book their chance to speak about specific planning applications at North Norfolk District Council's Development Committee meetings is about to change.

At the moment people must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the meeting and request to speak either for or against an application. This is to allow time for the Chairman to rearrange the order of items on the agenda to prevent people having to wait for a long time.

For 'minor' applications, one objector and one supporter is allowed to speak on each application for up to three minutes. If several people have attended to speak on a single application either in support or in objection, they must agree among themselves who will fill the speaking roles.

For ‘major’ applications, or those in which the Council has legal interest or is the landowner, up to four objectors will be allowed to speak for up to three minutes each. Up to four supporters will be allowed to speak for an equivalent time in total to that allowed for the objectors.

From September 22 those wishing to speak will need to register by 9am on the Tuesday before the Thursday meeting (or 48 hours in advance if the day of the meeting is switched from the usual Thursday).

This will allow the list of speakers to be assembled, the agenda ordered in advance and this information circulated to key officers prior to the meeting.

Cllr Sue Arnold, Cabinet Member for Planning and Planning Policy, said: "The change will assist with the smooth running of the committee.

"It will avoid potential confusion at the start of the meeting as customer service staff try to ensure the names of speakers are logged against the various items and the agenda re-ordered to reflect the public interest."

The new procedure comes into force from 1 September 2016 ready for Development Committee on 22 September 2016 and information about the new registration process will be online soon.

The number of people allowed to speak and the amount of time they will be allowed to speak for will remain the same.

The rules for local district councillors and town or parish council representatives speaking at the committee are unchanged.

There will also be less noticable changes to Development Committee rules involving deferred items, committee site visits and the cut off time for the submission of information. Details can be found here.

Support for young England dodgeball players

Teenage internationals will benefit from strength and conditioning training

16 August 2016

Two top young dodgeball players have been given the chance to further improve their chances on the world stage thanks to support from North Norfolk District Council and the council’s leisure operator Places for People.

Lauren Hems and Holly Edmonds are part of the England Lions Ladies dodgeball team about to travel to the European Championships in Paris which take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend. They have previously represented their country in April at the World Cup.

The duo, who both live in Briston and learnt the game during their time at Reepham High School and College, are completing a strength and conditioning regime as part of the England Lions development programme.

The women went through a physical assessment day and were given a rigorous exercise programme by England Dodgeball. The programme requires regular access to a fully equipped fitness facility.

North Norfolk District Council staff offered support and in collaboration with leisure operator Places for People have arranged for free gym passes for both players at Splash Leisure and Fitness Centre.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Leisure said: “We are delighted to be able to provide support to two young ambitious international players who are in the process of building their sporting careers.

“Dodgeball is a fast paced, highly physical sport which requires specialist conditioning. And we wish Lauren and Holly good luck at the European Championships in the next few days.”

Holly Edmonds said: “This support is helping us achieve our dreams. Being able to challenge our bodies means we can take dodgeball to the next level; by getting stronger we can be the best we possibly can be.”

Stephen Mews, General Manager Splash Leisure and Fitness Centre, Sheringham said: “It’s fantastic we can support two local athletes. It is often difficult to get funding in sports and we are happy to support any local sporting talent.”

England manager Johnathan Rudland said: “It is vital for our players to have access to the best facilities to complete their strength and conditioning programme and it's fantastic that North Norfolk District Council and People for Places have been able to support some of our team in such a way.

“Both Lauren and Holly have the potential to be a part of the England squad for many years ahead and this kind of support will help them progress as young athletes.”

You can follow England Lions Dodgeball on Facebook:

Council gallery hosts new exhibition

North Norfolk District Council’s public art gallery is showcasing a new exhibition of animal portraits by local artist Alison Argent.

18 July 2016

The new exhibition uses pastels to capture the likeness and personality of a series of pets.

Alison said: “I have been combining my love of art with my love of animals to produce portraits in pastels, a favourite medium that I find especially suitable for capturing the qualities of animals.”

Alison has lived and worked in Norfolk for over 30 years, moving here from Leicester. With a passion for drawing and painting, and achieving a Foundation Course at Loughborough College of Art and Design, Alison has recently returned to creating animal portraits.

She added, “My aim is to produce not just a picture of an animal but a portrait of a particular animal, capturing its likeness and character.”

Capturing Characters: An exhibition of animal portraits in pastel opens July 19 and runs at NNDC’s gallery until August 19, 2016.

NNDC seeks to offer free opportunities to local artists to display their work in the 1st Floor Gallery in the Council’s Holt Road offices in Cromer. Currently six exhibitions are held annually.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture said: “It’s great to be able to offer artists a space to exhibit their works. It is often the boost they need to gain a wider audience. Capturing Characters is a super collection of pictures and we are pleased to be able to host them.”

The NNDC Gallery is open to the public on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8.30am – 5pm; Wednesday 10am – 5pm and Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Council Tax Payments

As a result of recent changes in the law North Norfolk District Council will regularly publish information relating to individual councillors who are in council tax arrears.

5 July 2016

As a result of recent changes in the law North Norfolk District Council will regularly publish information relating to individual councillors who are in council tax arrears.

Sheila Oxtoby, Chief Executive of NNDC said: "Regardless of who defaults on Council Tax payments, the Council will not hesitate to take the appropriate action in order to recover money owed to the public purse; there is no preferential treatment. Councillors have an individual responsibility to be up to date with their payments; it is a matter of accountability and public confidence.

"Due to a recent change in the law relating to freedom of information and data protection, information relating to individual councillors in Council Tax arrears can now be made available. We believe this is central to the transparency and function of the democratic process and we are in the process of looking into how to make such information routinely available in the future."

The recovery procedure followed by NNDC is the same for any tax payer who misses an instalment and is set out in national legislation.

Council Tax is an annual charge due on demand, however, legislation requires us to offer all customers a minimum of 10 monthly instalments by which to pay.

Legislation also dictates the subsequent process which has to be followed when payment is not made. If an instalment is missed, a reminder notice is issued giving seven days to pay the missed instalment.

If the tax payer fails to pay the missed instalment within those seven days, they forfeit the right to pay that year’s charge by instalments and a summons to appear at Court is issued after complaint has been made to the Magistrates Court. At Court, the Magistrates will grant a liability order if they are satisfied that the debt has not been paid.

Have your say on new council ward boundaries for two Norfolk councils

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking local people for their help to draw up a new pattern of council wards for North Norfolk District Council and South Norfolk District Council.

4 July 2016

The consultations are the first stage of and electoral review of each council which will re-draw ward boundaries across both districts.

The Commission has also announced that it is minded to recommend that North Norfolk should have 40 councillors in future, a reduction of eight from the current arrangements.

The Commission has also agreed that South Norfolk should have 46 councillors in the future: the same as its current arrangements.

The Commission now needs information from local people and groups to help it to produce a new pattern of wards to accommodate councillors across both districts.

In drawing up new boundaries, the Commission aims to deliver electoral equality for voters in council elections so that each councillor represents roughly the same number of voters. The review also aims to ensure that the new council wards reflect, as far as possible, the interests and identities of communities across the districts.

Professor Colin Mellors, Chair of the Commission, said: “We are asking local people and organisations to help us draw up new wards for North Norfolk and South Norfolk District Councils. As we develop the recommendations for each council, we will take into account local community identities as well as ensuring electoral equality for voters.

“If you have a view about which communities or neighbourhoods should be part of the same council ward, then we want to hear from you. And if you think a road, river or railway makes for a strong boundary between communities in your part of your district, then this consultation is for you. Alternatively, if you’re simply interested in the way your council is run, just log on to our website to explore our interactive maps and have your say.

“Your views will make a difference.

“We will carefully consider all evidence that is provided during this phase of the review whoever it is from and whether it applies to the whole of your district or just a small part of the it.

“Residents will then have a further chance to have their say after we publish our draft recommendations for both councils in November.”

Local people have until 5 September 2016 to submit their views. Further information on the review and interactive maps of the existing wards can be found at and

Devolution Decision

North Norfolk District Council has rejected the proposed Devolution Deal for Norfolk and Suffolk.

30 June 2016

At a full council meeting last night Members voted overwhelmingly to reject the proposed devolution settlement for the region, which was to set up a new combined authority for the two counties under the leadership of a directly elected mayor.

The combined authority and the mayor would have had the power to fund themselves by additional charges on council tax bills.

Now the Council has rejected the devolution deal, residents in north Norfolk will not need to respond to any consultation on the proposed scheme of governance for the mayoral combined authority because it will not apply to them.

During the debate Members criticised the lack of meaningful consultation; the fact that the devolution deal had been handed down from Whitehall and not generated locally.

Members were also very concerned that an Elected Mayor for such a large region wouldn’t work and that taxpayers were effectively being asked to fund two new layers of government (a Mayor and a Combined Authority) without any idea of how much it would cost; and at the end of the day only benefit from funding equivalent to 1.5 miles of dual carriageway a year.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of the Council said: “I am a supporter of devolution of power from central government to local authorities, but with the uncertainties from the loss of European funding and the uncertainty over costs and the concerns about an elected Mayor, Members felt strongly this was not the right time nor the right deal. Had we consulted and then pulled out in October, this would have potentially caused the collapse of the package for those who did want to go ahead.

"Throughout this process I have said that my main concern was to ensure that what was on offer was best for the people of North Norfolk. We will continue to fight to get a deal which is right for us."

Cllr Andrew Wells, Leader of the Liberal Democrats at North Norfolk District Council said: “North Norfolk’s negotiators worked hard to put together a package that would work for the people we represent, but the process has been rushed and chaotic from the start.

“We are all committed to winning more control over local services and investment for our residents, but the final deal just created more unaccountable bureaucracy. There wasn’t the detail, there wasn’t the funding, and the risks for our area were immense."

Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre wins national award

Centre named Leisure Centre of the Year (Streamline) at Flame Awards 2016

30 June 2016

Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre, owned by North Norfolk District Council and run by Places for People Leisure, has been named Leisure Centre of the Year (Streamline) in a national awards competition.

The centre won one of the two Leisure Centre of the Year awards (the other was a Multi-use category) handed out on June 29 at an event in Telford attended by hundreds of representatives of the health and fitness industry.

The Flame Awards is an annual event recognising the work of the health, fitness and physical activity sector. Winners have to show that the work they do is shaping the future of physical activity in the UK.

Cllr Becky Palmer, North Norfolk District Council Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: "These awards are incredibly important to the leisure industry and well done to the Fakenham team for the recognition they have won.

"Across North Norfolk we boast an excellent range of leisure centres and community sports centres which provide a huge range of healthy activities and I would encourage those who haven't discovered what is on offer to do so."

Stuart Jardine, Contracts Manager with Places for People Leisure, said: "We are delighted that the Fakenham centre has won this award. "It is a great reflection of the amazing commitment of staff and the work they do in getting our local community more active and healthy. "We will continue to strive to provide a great facility with exceptional service that engages local people."

Make sure you’re ready for the EU Referendum vote

On Thursday June 23 the United Kingdom has the opportunity to vote in the EU Referendum. If you are intending to vote make sure you know what to expect and what to do on the day.

20 June 2016

On Thursday June 23 the United Kingdom has the opportunity to vote in the EU Referendum. If you are intending to vote make sure you know what to expect and what to do on the day.

Polling stations across the district will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday. If you are voting in person, the address of your polling station is printed on your polling card. You do not need to bring your polling card with you to vote.

On entering a polling station there will be polling officers who will tick your name and address off their list of registered local voters. You will be handed a ballot paper to take with you into a voting booth where you can vote in private.

The question on the ballot paper will be: ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’. Your options for the vote will be: ‘Remain a member of the European Union’ or ‘Leave the European Union’.

When you have voted, you will leave the booth with your ballot paper and place it in the sealed ballot box.

Postal voters need to ensure their postal ballot is received by North Norfolk District Council’s Electoral Services team by 10pm on June 23. If you have not left enough time to ensure this happens, you can hand your postal ballot in at any polling station in the North Norfolk district during the opening times on Thursday.

Please be aware no photos should be taken inside the polling station.

Across North Norfolk district…

  • there are 83,057 eligible voters;
  • 130 polling stations will be open;
  • and 295 polling station staff will be on duty.

You can find out lots more information at the Electoral Commission’s website or you can contact North Norfolk District Council’s Electoral Services team on

North Norfolk District Council brings Britain’s oldest breed of goat to Cromer cliff to control scrubland

A new habitat management project by NNDC hopes to keep an area of Cromer cliff under control with the introduction of goats.

7 June 2016

Eight Bagot billy goats will be released into a fenced off area in June where their grazing will keep unwanted plant species and excessive growth to a minimum.

In the past the cliff area has become overgrown, leading to a problem with litter embedded and snagged in bushes. The Bagot goats graze on rough materials rather than grass and will therefore keep plant growth over the area under control.

Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillett, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “This is an exciting project we hope the people of Cromer will be able to enjoy two-fold – for the habitat management the goats will offer and the enjoyment of having unusual animals in the town.

“Now residents and visitors will not only be able to enjoy the beautiful Cromer sunsets, but watch our Billy goats working hard to keep the town beautiful.”

The Bagot is believed to be Britain’s oldest breed of goat and unlike most other breeds - that favour mountains and uplands - it developed in the English lowlands. Bagots are hardy and easy to tame.

NNDC’s Cromer goats have been checked and monitored by a local vet and their welfare will continue to be appraised over their time on Cromer cliff. They will be surrounded by double livestock fencing that will be six foot tall at the bottom of the slope. The fences will be checked twice a day.

Cllr Fitch-Tillett added: “We must ask people not to feed or touch the goats because they have a job of work to do and we need them to not get distracted.”

The habitat grazing project was developed with support from Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the goats arrived with the District Council in April. Two came from the Dinosaur Park near Lenwade in Norfolk, and the other six from Levens Hall, Cumbria where they are raised as a semi-feral parkland breed. They have spent the past weeks getting used to one another and settling into their new group.

The goats will be released into the fenced-off area in June and remain until October or November when they will be taken to other NNDC land to graze over the winter. If the goats clear the land too rapidly they will be moved to other land for grazing.

Blue Flag success for North Norfolk

Six beaches recognised, four with world-leading Blue Flags

20 May 2016

Six of North Norfolk’s beaches have been recognised for being well-managed, excellent places to visit with high levels of cleanliness and safety.

Four beaches - Cromer, Mundesley, Sea Palling and Sheringham – have been awarded Blue Flags. The Blue Flag requires the highest quality of water, facilities, safety, environmental education and management.

Two beaches - East Runton and Wells - have won the Seaside Award. The Seaside Award guarantees visitors a clean, safe, attractive and well-managed coastal stretch.

Keep Britain Tidy, which manages the awards, say themselves that “if a beach has a Blue Flag flying it is the sign that you have arrived at one of the very best in the world”.

North Norfolk District Council Leader, Tom Fitzpatrick, said: “Put simply, we have some of the best beaches in the world in North Norfolk and these awards help to demonstrate their quality.

“There is an enormous amount of hard work behind the awards and I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to those involved.

“We should be very proud of our coastline and its quality offering throughout the year.”

‘Call for Sites’ reminder

The ‘Call for Sites’ provides an opportunity to register land within North Norfolk to be considered as a potential allocated site

10 May 2016

North Norfolk District Council is preparing a new Local Plan. The Plan will include new planning policies (used in the determination of planning applications) and will allocate areas of land to address the development needs of the District for the period 2016-2036.

The ‘Call for Sites’ provides an opportunity for developers, landowners, Parish & Town Councils, individuals and other interested parties to register land within North Norfolk to be considered as a potential allocated site.

The sites submitted could be for housing (sites capable of accommodating 5+ dwellings), employment, community facilities, open space, renewable energy, car parking or other uses.

The Call for Sites process is not restrictive in relation to where sites are suggested, but it is unlikely that sites proposed in very rural areas will be suitable locations in which to build new homes, or provide new employment. However, the information provided is essential in assessing the available land and to aid us in considering where development should be distributed under the Plan.

Each registered site will be assessed by the Council to establish the potential impact of the proposed development. Once the assessment process is complete, the Council will consider the options and undertake further consultation.

The Call for Sites registration form and guidance notes are available on the council’s website at and all forms should be returned on or before May 31, 2016.

New ‘Bathing Water’ designation for West Runton

Defra decision follows NNDC request and formal consultations

6 May 2016

West Runton beach has been officially designated as a “bathing water”, a key step on the way to winning sought-after Blue Flag status.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced today that West Runton has successfully passed the tests to achieve the designation.

Beaches and inland lakes that attract a large number of bathers can be designated as bathing waters under the Bathing Water Directive. Water quality at bathing waters is tested during the bathing season, which in England runs from 15 May to 30 September.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Leisure, said: “The district is very proud of its four Blue Flag beaches at Cromer, Sheringham, Sea Palling and Mundesley. “The Blue Flag status helps both visitors and locals understand how clean a beach and its waters are, as well as the high quality of facilities provided. It is something which is recognised worldwide.

“Bathing water designation is one of the crucial steps on the way to winning Seaside Award status, and then Blue Flag status.”

Cllr Sarah Butikofer, ward member for the Runtons, said: “This is fantastic news for local people, local business and visitors. The quality of the beach warrants the designation, both in terms of its beautiful visual appeal and in terms of its history. We have coachloads of young people coming here on regular occasions to learn about the West Runton Mammoth, the chalk reef and the Cromer Forest Bed.”

The application for the designation was formally made by North Norfolk District Council following a local consultation. Defra ran its own consultation which was completed in March.

West Runton has RNLI Lifeguards operating from July to September, public toilets at the bottom of the gangway, car parking, bus and rail services, a café by the gangway and other food outlets and shops in the village. It also has a voluntary beach warden and a dog free area between May 1 and September 30.

RNLI lifeguard service in partnership with North Norfolk District Council returns for 10th anniversary season patrolling Norfolk beaches

The RNLI, the charity that saves lives at sea, first teamed up with North Norfolk District Council in 2007 to provide beach patrols at Cromer, Sheringham, Mundesley and Sea Palling.

A decade later the service has expanded along the East Anglia coast to 16 beaches, including at West Runton (new for this year), East Runton and Wells in North Norfolk, as well as beaches in the Great Yarmouth area and Suffolk.

Four veteran RNLI lifeguards have been ever present since that first day 10 years ago - Vincent Pank, Sam Kendrick, Scott Davidson and Chris Wall.

Vincent, who has risen through the ranks to become Lifeguard Manager, said: ‘We were breaking new ground when we took on the lifeguard service for North Norfolk District Council in 2007, as it was the first time RNLI lifeguards had patrolled anywhere on the east coast of the UK.

‘It’s been an incredible 10 years since then, saving lives and keeping people safe. We’ve gone from having 15 lifeguards patrolling a handful of beaches to employing around 65 people at 16 locations along the length of the Norfolk coast and into Suffolk.

‘So much has happened throughout the past decade, but most rewarding for me is seeing how our presence and reputation has grown within the communities we work in. I think we were seen as a novelty at the start, but we’ve earned the trust and respect of people who now seek out our advice, whether that is the public, lifeboat crews, emergency services or landowners.’

Leader of North Norfolk District Council Cllr Tom FitzPatrick said: ‘We’re proud of what has been achieved in partnership with the RNLI over the past 10 years.

‘Ensuring the safety of our beaches is paramount and having lifeguards on duty when North Norfolk is at its busiest means visitors and residents can have peace of mind while enjoying our beautiful coastline.

‘The lifeguards are a skilled team and our admiration and thanks go to all of them for their dedication and bravery over the past decade.’

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture said: ‘Our beaches, four of which have Blue Flag status, are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people each year. The hard work of the RNLI lifeguards has kept these people safe.’

The wages for RNLI lifeguards along the North Norfolk coast at Cromer, Sea Palling, Sheringham, Mundesley are funded by NNDC, with training, equipment, lifeguard stations, vehicles, support services and management all provided by the RNLI.

Within the NNDC purvey there are three permanent lifeguard units at Wells, Sea Palling and Sheringham West. Temporary units have been installed at Sheringham East, West Runton, East Runton, Cromer West, Cromer East and Mundesley. They will be taken down in September.

Since 2010* RNLI lifeguards in East Anglia have saved 18 lives, rescued 177 people and given medical care 4,001 times.

RNLI lifeguards will resume patrols of five beaches in Norfolk on Saturday 7 May (Sheringham West, Cromer East, Mundesley, Sea Palling and Gorleston) and two in Suffolk on 21 May (Lowestoft South and Southwold North)

A further nine beaches will be patrolled from Saturday 2 July. These are Wells, Sheringham East, West Runton, East Runton, Cromer West, Hemsby, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft North and Southwold South.

Anyone interested in getting a job as an RNLI beach lifeguard can contact Vincent at or give him a call on 07917 581567.

NNDC hosts new exhibition inspired by Norfolk’s farming heritage

North Norfolk District Council hosts new exhibition inspired by Norfolk’s farming heritage

5 May 2016

NNDC’s public art gallery is presenting a visually bold new exhibition ‘Back to the Barn’ by local artist Catherine Hall.

The exhibition, running from May 3 to July 12, reflects Catherine’s upbringing on her family’s Norfolk livestock farm surrounded by animals, woodland and fields. Her accessible and warm representation of farm animals against bright block-colour backgrounds brings modernity to a traditional subject.

Aylmerton resident Catherine said: “‘Back to the Barn’ is extremely meaningful to me in so many ways - looking back on where I've come from and taking in all the beauty we've taken for granted around us and bringing it out on canvas. I love watching the characters emerge and recreating their personalities.”

NNDC seeks to offer free opportunities to local artists to display their work in the 1st Floor Gallery in the Council’s Holt Road offices in Cromer. Currently six exhibitions are held annually.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture said: “It’s great to be able to offer artists a space to exhibit their works for the public to appreciate. ‘Back to the Barn’ is a super collection of paintings and prints and we are pleased to be able to host them.”

The NNDC Gallery is open to the public on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8.30am – 5pm; Wednesday 10am – 5pm and Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Way Forward for Cabbell Park

The symbolic home of Cromer Town Football Club could remain at Cabbell Park alongside a £3.5 million pound medical centre for a three year period.

27 April 2016

In a deal put forward by landowners North Norfolk District Council and MedCentres the football clubhouse could temporarily remain on the site giving time for a new sports facility, on the edge of Cromer to be developed.

The proposals would mean the Cromer Town Football Club can continue to raise funds to support the ongoing operation of the club through the use of the clubhouse.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “The proposal has developed as a direct result of the conversations we have been having with MedCentres. Initially we wanted to see if the clubhouse could be used by the construction company and I’m delighted that this way forward has been found.”

Under the arrangement the district council as landowners would sell the land at the front of Cabbell Park to MedCentres, arrange to lease the clubhouse back and sub-let it to Cromer Town Football Club for a 3 year period, if the planning application is successful.

Cllr FitzPatrick added: “The district council has always had the best interests of the people of Cromer at heart. We know that Cromer desperately needs a new medical centre; we also know that finding a suitable location is challenging – that’s why we have worked so hard to find a solution. We want to provide better facilities for people’s health and wellbeing in a way which meets the original bequest of Mrs Bond Cabbell, and I believe this does just that.

“It’s a win-win; a win for the people who need a health centre and a way forward that offers Cromer Town Football Club a financial lifeline.”

North Norfolk District Council has supported Cromer Town Football Club and its desire to continue to play in the Anglian Combination Football League at Cabbell Park by:

  • Draining land at the western end of Cabbell Park to ensure the realigned football pitch playing surface is to the required standard before the start of the new football season;
  • Submitting plans for a match officials’ changing rooms, which if successful could be built over the summer
  • Suggesting the use of the Cromer Academy’s outdoor sports changing rooms by football pitch users
  • Providing the ducting to support the use of floodlights on the new realigned football pitch
  • Clearly stating that car boot sales would be allowed to continue on the site during the forthcoming summer.

Mike Arnold, a Director of MedCentres, said: “We are delighted that this way forward has been found and I’m hopeful that this will mean we can push forward with the submission of a planning application for the medical centre proposal knowing that there is a way for the football club to generate income.”

Northrepps Primary School pupils take a trip through Norfolk’s WWI history

Oak Class at Northrepps Primary School yesterday (Tuesday) received certificates for completing the Pillbox Trail across North Norfolk.

27 April 2016

The trail takes in up to 14 First World War pillbox gun emplacements positioned to defend the UK from German invasion.

North Norfolk District Council Leader Cllr Tom FitzPatrick and the Council’s Chairman Annie Claussen-Reynolds congratulated the pupils on their achievement and gave them their Pillbox Trail certificates.

Cllr FitzPatrick said: “This is such an important part of our nation’s and North Norfolk’s history, and it’s great to get young people out and about walking through history. On this trail you can really imagine what it might have been like 100 years ago when our coast was threatened by invasion.”

At least 48 pillboxes were known to have been built in Norfolk during the First World War, of which 24 currently survive, the majority being in North Norfolk.

Bethany Ann Waller, 8, who received a certificate, said: “It was really interesting visiting the pillboxes. The soldiers must have been so brave. They risked their lives to protect Britain.”

The Pillbox Trail forms part of North Norfolk’s World War I Centenary Commemorations 2014-2018 and offers a unique opportunity to visit and view many of the remaining WWI pillboxes in North Norfolk.

Cllr Claussen-Reynolds said: “We’re really proud of our part in the World War I centenary commemorations with the Pillbox Trail. These vital events in history need to be remembered and understood by new generations and I’m so pleased Oak Class walked the trail and saw North Norfolk’s pillboxes and all they mean.”

Bacton to Walcott Coastal Scheme – Downing Street Meeting

A high-level meeting with Government has been held today, Monday 25 April, to discuss the Bacton to Walcott Coastal Management Scheme and its potential funding.

25 April 2016

North Norfolk District Council, Norman Lamb MP, the Environment Agency, The Crown Estate and the Operators of Bacton Gas Terminal met with the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, The Right Hon Oliver Letwin MP.

The meeting, held at 9 Downing Street, discussed the potential funding and sought wider Government support for the coastal management project for the terminal and the adjacent villages of Bacton and Walcott.

The scheme, if it is delivered, could involve ‘sandscaping’ the shoreline, effectively using high volumes of additional sand and natural processes to protect the coast.

It is hoped that the scheme may attract further government funding to overcome an estimated shortfall in funds. Costs could be significantly reduced if sand could be taken from a new site offshore from Bacton.

The scheme has been modelled and work is currently underway on the environmental considerations.

The Bacton Terminal Operators may have to consider going ahead with their self-funded coastal protection scheme if funds cannot be found for a wider public scheme. This would be subject to the normal planning and consent processes and need to demonstrate mitigation for the wider coastal frontage.

Deputy Leader of North Norfolk District Council, Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillett said: “Today was a good opportunity for us to present our case at the highest level of Government so there’s a clear understanding of why this work is vital for the community.”

North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb said: “I believe it is essential to find a way to ensure that Bacton and Walcott benefit. It would not be acceptable for the project to be limited to protecting the gas terminal. I am grateful to Oliver Letwin for seeing us today. Now the government must find a way of ensuring that the full scheme can go ahead.”

This Girl Can Swim campaign at North Walsham swimming pool

Twice weekly women-only sessions set to begin

15 April 2016

Swimming sessions for women only are being launched at Victory Swim and Fitness Centre in North Walsham as part of the national This Girl Can campaign.

The campaign, developed by Sport England and a wide range of partnership organisations, is a celebration of active women.

The women-only sessions will soon be running twice a week at Victory, on Friday mornings and Saturday afternoons.

They are designed for women of any age who want to exercise but may not usually take part in sport or exercise, feel self-conscious or are intimidated by ‘sporty’ environments.

Victory is run by Places for People Leisure and owned by North Norfolk District Council.

“This Girl Can Swim is about giving women low pressure opportunities to do more exercise,” said Cllr Becky Palmer, North Norfolk District Council Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing.

“Exercise can be challenging for lots of people for many different reasons. This scheme, which has been very successful around the country, is about removing some of those challenges and opening doors which have perhaps previously been closed to some individuals.

“We want to celebrate women taking exercise, whatever their abilities.” A trained activator will be on hand to greet participants at the sessions, will guide them through how to get the most out of the swim session and will be present throughout.

“Victory will provide spotlessly clean changing rooms with a new high powered hair dryer and tea or coffee at the end for those that want to stay and socialise,” added Stuart Jardine, general manager at Victory Swim & Fitness Centre.

Sessions will be weekly on Fridays from 9am to 10am, starting on April 15, and on Saturdays from 5pm to 6pm, starting on May 7. Cost is £4.90 per session, although participants can bring a friend for free.

Participants can wear swimsuits, fitted tee-shirts and lycra based leggings.

Book your place on 01692 409370.

Cabbell Park Update - Cromer Town Football Club

8 April 2016

North Norfolk District Council became the owners of Cabbell Park under the terms of a gift by Mrs Bond Cabbell, who left the ground to the people of Cromer to allow its use for a variety of sports, including football.

Although this has been misunderstood by some individuals, it should be made clear that the ground was not gifted for the sole use of Cromer Town Football Club and this facility should always have been shared.

At the same time, the District Council has been looking to facilitate the provision of a new doctors' surgery to meet the needs of the people of Cromer and also provide adequate sports facilities for young people.

In working towards these objectives, the District Council has so far committed to investing a total of £55,000 at Cabbell Park to ensure continued use of the facility for sports, while we seek to purchase a larger replacement sports ground for the people of Cromer.

The money committed so far includes £35,000 to relocate the football pitch and £20,000 for a new changing room at the Academy, the latter specifically designed to meet the needs of Cromer Town Football Club, although it will also be used by other groups.

Leader of North Norfolk District Council, Cllr Tom FitzPatrick said: “Since taking ownership of Cabbell Park, we have done everything possible to help secure the future of Cromer Town Football Club while we plan for the future and provide improved sports facilities for Cromer.

“I am very concerned that North Norfolk District Council’s position has apparently been misrepresented at the recent football club meeting, to which we were not invited. If we had been present, we could have set out the correct position of the District Council, and very clearly restated to the club and its supporters that we have actually been fully supportive both in terms of money and our time.”

The need to move the football pitch to allow the building of the new Medical Centre was explained to Cromer Town FC back in April 2014 and there have been ongoing talks to ensure Cromer Town FC was informed and involved in the future changes.

Since April 2014 the Council has kept Cromer Town FC informed of the proposals both in writing and at face to face meetings with the club.

The District Council has:

  • Offered to store equipment;
  • Supported Cromer Town FC by allowing it to continue holding its car boot sales for the coming year;
  • Offered the use of toilets at Cromer Sports Centre on the adjoining Cromer Academy site for Cromer Town FC;
  • Offered to negotiate with the developer’s contractors for use of the Cromer Town FC clubhouse building as a site office or welfare facility ensuring additional funds for Cromer Town FC for at least 12 months;
  • Facilitated discussions with Cromer Tennis and Squash Club about use of their clubhouse facilities for spectators and members.

Cllr FitzPatrick added: “The claim in CTFC’s statement that North Norfolk District Council is ‘removing items that had previously been intended to be carried out’ is quite simply inaccurate.”

Latest Big Society Fund grants agreed

Groups encouraged to apply for next round

5 April 2016

The latest round of Big Society Fund grants have been agreed, with North Norfolk District Council supporting a wide range of community facilities including a church, village hall and bowls club.

NNDC's Big Society Fund offers grants of up to £15,000 to voluntary and community organisations based in North Norfolk.

Since the fund started in 2012, over £1,171,208 has been awarded to more than 147 community projects.

The Panel which oversees the grants meets four times a year. This time they approved grants totaling nearly £43,419. The awards are subject to organisations acceptance of formal terms and conditions.

BSF grant awards in this round were awarded to:

  • Wood Norton Parochial Church Council (£15,000) towards the installation of a lavatory with disabled facilities at All Saints Church; a Grade 2* listed building, as part of a wider restoration project.
  • Weybourne Village Hall (£15,000) for specialist removal and disposal of asbestos roof, and replacement with tiled roof.
  • Hickling Playing Field Charity (£11,999) to improve safety and access including exterior lighting at Hickling Barn.
  • Walsingham Bowls Club (£1,420) for secure lockable storage container for club equipment and new bowling green gates.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council and Cabinet Member for Big Society, said: “The Big Society Fund continues to help fund or part-fund projects which are making a real difference to people across the district.

“The type of organisations it helps varies widely in terms of age groups, activity type and location. We are helping people in both towns and rural areas improve community venues, sporting facilities, play areas, museums, heritage and to buy defibrillators."

“I would encourage groups and organisations to realise how wide that range is and put in an application.”

If you have an idea or a project that you wish to develop and apply for funding, you are encouraged to speak to your local Councillor and get in touch with the Council (via Sonia Shuter tel. 01263 516173, email or visit

The next round of applications closes on 9 May 2016.

Download the prospectus which contains comprehensive guidance to support the application process

North Lodge Park Tea Room – Licence Awarded

The opportunity to run the tea rooms at North Lodge Park has been awarded to the Friends of North Lodge Park.

18 March 2016

The opportunity to run the tea rooms at North Lodge Park has been awarded to the Friends of North Lodge Park. The award of the licence has been made after assessing a number of bids which came into North Norfolk District Council which own the Tea Rooms and North Lodge Park.

The opportunity to run the tea rooms at the park was advertised in the North Norfolk News last month providing traders in the town with the opportunity to express their interest in running the café.

Bidders had to complete a short template form setting out what they would provide both in terms of the opening hours at the park café and in terms of supporting activities in the park itself.

A number of bids were received and the bid by Barry Meadows, Secretary of the Friends of North Lodge Park was successful as it pledged to keep the café open throughout the year and to look at investing all profits back into activities in the park.

Cllr John Rest, North Norfolk District Council Cabinet Member said: “I’m delighted that the Friends’ bid has been successful and that the opportunity to run the licence for the tea rooms will now be on a commercial footing. “We wanted to ensure we were being fair to all the traders in the town and ensure that we have a formal licence in place for the coming financial year.

“We will be looking for a strategic partner in 2016 to develop a long-term strategy for North Lodge Park, which will maximise its value both for the people of Cromer but more importantly for the taxpayers of the district as a whole.”

Previously the Friends of North Lodge Park were running the tea rooms on a free of charge basis with the council picking up the costs of business rates and waiving the rental fee for the unit from last August.

North Norfolk Incubation Centre: feasibility study

Views welcome on potential new project for business start-up and growth

18 March 2016

Businesses in North Norfolk are being encouraged to take part in a feasibility study to assess how a business incubation centre could operate in North Norfolk.

The centre would help start and grow businesses in North Norfolk.

Interested parties, stakeholders and potential users of the facilities and services at such a centre have been asked to give their views to consultants.

People in the commercial world will be asked for their ideas about what it should do and where it should be. The scheme is being promoted by North Norfolk District Council which is keen to give new and emerging businesses support and space to help them flourish.

Cllr Nigel Dixon, North Norfolk District Council Cabinet Member for Business and Economic Development, said: “The growth of the North Norfolk economy is of crucial importance to the future prosperity of our district. “Improving job opportunities, encouraging young businesses and assisting growth are all key elements of our corporate plan – and this feasibility study is going to help us look closely at what could be included in an incubation centre.

“I would encourage as many interested parties as possible to take part.”

The business consultation and exploratory work are being carried out by the Nwes (Norfolk and Waveney Enterprise Services) agency and Lowestoft consultancy Nautilus Associates.

An online survey is asking businesses across North Norfolk about the potential services and demand which will help shape the type of centre needed and the best location in the district.

Kevin Horne, CEO of Nwes said: "We are consulting to establish local views to inform the optimum combination of physical facilities and business support services which would create an innovative environment for business formation and growth, and for employment opportunities. The actual shape of the centre will be hugely influenced by what local businesses feel their area needs."

Nautilus will explore potential sources of funding. They will also look into possible links with the national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) agenda, seeking to promote education and development in these key subject areas.

Take part in the online survey

Business leaders can contribute to the study by contacting Nwes on 0333 370 4429, by emailing, or by visiting

Court disqualifies pair for running riding school without licence

North Norfolk District Council wins case after riding establishment kept open despite being refused licence

17 March 2016

Norwich magistrates’ court yesterday (Wednesday March 16) fined a mother and son £1,000 for operating a riding establishment without a licence.

Rosemary Fabb and son Benjamin Fabb were also disqualified from keeping a riding school for five years.

Cllr Judy Oliver Cabinet member for Licensing said: “This is an important outcome for the Council. The disqualification of the defendants for five years and the fines awarded in the case show that these breaches of licensing regulation will not be tolerated and are taken seriously by the courts.”

The court heard that North Norfolk District Council had refused a licence to the Fabbs of Fern Bank, Carr Lane, Roughton in January 2015 due to serious concerns identified by the Veterinary Inspector relating to the health and welfare of the horses. Despite having no licence and the concerns reported to the Fabbs by NNDC, the pair continued to advertise riding lessons on their website, there were eye-witness accounts of riding lessons continuing at the establishment, and a covert surveillance operation organised by NNDC and carried out by an officer from another local authority, resulted in them being given a riding lesson.

The prosecution outlined the fact the Fabbs had operated in 2011 without a licence.

Mrs and Mr Fabb’s guilty pleas were taken into account, resulting in a reduction of the fines from £750 to £500 each. They were also ordered to pay £1300 prosecution costs and £50 surcharge. The total for each defendant is £1850.

The magistrates noted a considerable amount of work had gone into establishing the facts and evidence of the case and that Mrs and Mr Fabb knew they needed a licence. They accepted money for riding school services, described by the defendants as donations, but the magistrates saw it as receipt of money.

Court fines developer £25,000 for cutting down protected trees

North Norfolk District Council wins court case after Tree Preservation Order is breached

16 March 2016

Kings Lynn magistrates’ court this week (Wednesday March 9) fined a company and its director £25,000 for felling two trees.

The 40ft-tall lime trees on a development site in Fakenham were protected by a Tree Preservation Order. The felling of the trees by Bobyk Developments Limited and Jody Bobyk took place after Mr Bobyk was told by North Norfolk District Council that they would not be given permission to cut the trees down for better construction access to his building site.

Cabinet member for Planning and Planning Policy Cllr Sue Arnold: “This is an excellent result. This ruling sends a message to all developers that they cannot ignore conditions of planning permission and Tree Preservation Orders. TPOs are put in place to prevent the deliberate damage or destruction of trees with considerable public value, whether a single tree, group or woodland. Those who wilfully disregard these orders face significant fines and we hope today’s decision will make people see how seriously a breach of these orders is taken by the courts.”

The magistrates said that developers were subject to the planning laws and that in this case there had been a disregard totally for those laws, and that they had been told by the District Council the trees should not be cut down.

Bobyk Developments Ltd and director Jody Bobyk pleaded guilty to all charges. The company was fined £10,000 per tree for causing the trees to be cut down contrary to a Tree Preservation Order, £2,423 prosecution costs, and £1,000 victim surcharge. Jody Bobyk was fined £2,500 per tree as a director for consenting to causing the trees to be cut down. He was ordered to pay £1,211.50 prosecution costs and £250 victim surcharge. The full total coming to £29,884.50.

Get ahead of the game with free start-up business workshops

Anyone considering starting their own business is being urged to take the opportunity to attend one of a new series of free start-up workshops running in North Norfolk.

11 March 2016

The half-day workshops will be delivered by local Enterprise Agency Nwes, supported by North Norfolk District Council and funded by the European Regional Development Fund to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the main areas to consider when setting up a business, giving a firm foundation on which to trade successfully. The workshops require no previous business experience and will cover finance, market research, legal requirements and business planning so that those attending will have a real understanding of the critical areas to focus on to make their business a success.

Cllr Nigel Dixon, cabinet member for business and economic development said: “These workshops are an excellent opportunity for anyone thinking of setting up a new business. It’s a chance to learn and grow in confidence, while also seeing business ideas from different angles.”

The programme includes sessions in North Walsham and Cromer with the first event in Fakenham on 24th March. Those attending will also be able to receive free business advice after the scheduled programme of events.

The new programme follows similar successful start-up programmes run by Nwes where attendees described the workshops as being the catalyst for “changing the way I look at my business” and an “excellent investment of time” that “stopped me making some basic mistakes”.

Andrew Wilson Nwes Head of Enterprise Services said “These workshops focus on the basics of starting a business properly helping the new business owner to concentrate on putting the right foundations in place to give them the best chance of business success. The sessions are delivered by our team who support hundreds of people to start trading each year and have a huge amount of experience and insight to tap into. It’s a great opportunity for North Norfolk start-ups to get ahead of the game.”

To find out more about the Business Workshop programme please contact Nwes on 0845 6099991

Resurfacing of Cromer’s iconic promenade to begin next week

Final stage of town’s Coastal Protection Scheme gets underway.

10 March 2016

The £8million pound Cromer Coast Protection Scheme which restarted in September last year is close to completion, with the final stage starting Monday March 14.

Letters outlining access and parking arrangements have been given to residents, and copied to traders, RNLI, fishermen and all of the Emergency Services.

Cllr Tom Fitzpatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “This vital project will help protect Cromer for years to come. We’re in the final phase and we have worked hard to minimise the impact on residents and businesses while ensuring the town can benefit from the Coast Protection Scheme when the summer season arrives.”

The surface removal will start on the east end by the Gangway and work westwards to finish at the Melbourne Slope. A parking area on the lower portion of the Gangway will be allocated for residents’ parking only and will only apply to the time when the Promenade is being resurfaced and closed to all traffic.

In ideal conditions, the surfacing works could be finished by the end of March but with poor weather likely to hamper progress, substantial completion is expected in early April.

Plan to introduce on-street parking meters scrapped

A controversial plan to introduce on-street parking meters to Cromer and Sheringham has been stopped in its tracks after the District Council urged a rethink.

10 March 2016

A controversial plan to introduce on-street parking meters to Cromer and Sheringham has been stopped in its tracks after the District Council urged a rethink.

A statement was sent to officers of the Norfolk Parking Partnership Joint Committee setting out NNDC’s concerns.

Cllr John Rest, North Norfolk District Council Cabinet Member for assets said: “This is a great result. It’s been a huge worry to the people in our district and Norfolk Parking Partnership has made the right decision.

“As Cabinet member I invited ward members in to talk through the county’s proposals; at that meeting councillors were keen for all options to be explored to see if the costs of parking enforcement could be reduced or if parking could be enforced more locally.

“Our belief is that more time needs to be spent looking into the issue in far more detail and that if this approach had been adopted in the first place it would have given a full understanding of the options and opportunities.”

At the meeting councillors agreed to ask whether the Norfolk Parking Partnership Joint Committee had fully explored all the options for reducing the costs of parking enforcement before looking to raise additional funds from putting in parking meters.

Councillor Mick Castle from Norfolk County Council said in an interview with North Norfolk Radio: "The plan has been scrapped and will not be forced on Cromer and Sheringham."

The councillors present at the meeting were Cllr John Rest (Cabinet Member for Assets), Cllr Judy Oliver (Cabinet Member for Legal Services and Ward Member for Sheringham South) Cllr Nigel Pearce (Ward Member Suffield Park, Cromer) Cllr Richard Shepherd (Ward Member Sheringham South) and Cllr John Lee (Ward Member Suffield Park, Cromer).

Cllr Judy Oliver, Cabinet Member for Legal Services and Ward Member for Sheringham South added: “Any changes to the present car parking enforcement scheme must be carefully considered, evidence-based and rational. A scheme that does not meet those criteria would be vulnerable to challenge by way of judicial review. We are keen to establish a way forward that is reasonable, fair and effective and we will consider all options to achieve that result.”

Cllr Nigel Pearce, Ward Member for Suffield Park, Cromer, added: “I’m really pleased with the decision to drop the proposed on-street parking plans. If it had gone through it would have taken money out of the area without bringing any benefit to our two seaside towns.”

‘Sandscaping’ to protect coast from extreme weather

Work to look at improving the coastal defences to Bacton Gas Terminal and neighbouring villages is continuing.

4 March 2016

One option which is being considered is to ‘sandscape’ the beach with high volumes of additional sand, in order to help protect the coast from extreme weather.

It is thought this approach, trialled by the Dutch successfully, would be the most effective and it could be achieved either by putting sand on the beach periodically, or in one go.

Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillett, Deputy Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “We are working with the Terminal operators to see what we can do together. This option has the potential to help buy time for our villages, potentially extending the life of the existing defences by 20 years giving people time to plan and adapt to the changing coastline.”

Norman Lamb MP said: “Work on this scheme is of the utmost importance. It is clearly critical that Bacton Gas Terminal, a strategically important site, is protected against further coastal erosion. However, it is also essential that when works are carried out to protect the gas terminal, every opportunity is explored to seek to improve the coastal management situation for the adjacent villages of Bacton and Walcott.”

North Norfolk District Council, the operators of Bacton Gas Terminal and the Environment Agency are investigating this option and how it could be funded. Discussion is also underway with The Crown Estate which manages offshore sand resources.

Government funding is not available for the defence of the Bacton Gas Terminal so the operators are looking at how they can fund the protection of the nationally important asset themselves.

A scheme to enhance the protection of the villages is potentially eligible for government funding; however, there remains an estimated shortfall in funds which could be significantly reduced if sand could be taken from a site offshore from Bacton.

Further work is now underway to investigate any environmental impact of such a new licensed extraction area, before a view can be taken about whether that option could be considered further.

It is understood that if funds cannot be found for the wider public scheme then Bacton Gas Terminal operators would have to press ahead with the scheme for the Terminal only.

Solar Power Crushes Cromer Litter

Revolutionary smart litter bin piloted in Cromer

26 February 2016
solar bin

A revolutionary smart litter bin powered by solar energy is being trialled by North Norfolk District Council in Cromer.

The ‘smart’ solar powered litter bin crushes rubbish down to stop litter being blown around the town. The trial of the bin started on 10 February and runs through to Easter.

The ‘Clean Cube’ is a compactor litter bin near to No1 Fish and Chip Shop in Cromer. It’s larger than a normal litter bin and when the litter reaches a certain height it compacts the waste within by using a hydraulic ram.

Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillett, North Norfolk District Council Cabinet Member for the Environment said: “We are trialling this new bin to see how successful it could be in reducing the volume of waste so that our bins can be used for longer. I think it’s great that we’re putting smart technology to work to help protect the environment.”

The solar powered Clean Cube can hold up to eight times the amount of litter of a normal litter bin; and the solar panel uses daylight to charge the internal battery.

The ‘smart’ solar bin also tells the team how full it is and when it was last emptied. It is hoped that the trial, which took place over the half-term break will be a good test of what it can do.

Cromer Scheme Close to Completion

The £8 million pound Cromer Coast Protection Scheme which restarted in September last year is close to completion, with the final stage being the resurfacing of Cromer’s iconic Promenade.

22 February 2016
Cromer Pier

Letters outlining the final stages of the work have been given to traders and retailers along the Promenade from Melbourne Slope to the Gangway to explain what will be happening between now and the end of March.

Due to the nature of the work the area between Melbourne Slope and the Gangway will be cordoned off from the public as the surface of the promenade has to be cut away exposing manhole covers, gullies and other ironwork before being resurfaced later.

Special arrangements are being made to open up pedestrian access to as many retailers as possible over the Easter weekend period.

During the Easter weekend vehicle access will be restricted to drop-offs for people with disabilities attending Pier shows and special parking arrangements will be made for residents.

  • A pedestrian corridor will give access from the Gangway to the Pier and east end shops over the Easter weekend.
  • There will be access to the west end amusement arcade via the steps from the top of Melbourne Slope.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “The Cromer Coast Protection Scheme is vitally important. It will protect Cromer, its residents, its businesses and its visitors for many years to come.

“Throughout the period of the work we have been focused on keeping Cromer open for business and we have been meeting with traders and working with our contractor Volker Stevin to see how we can minimise the impact on businesses while ensuring the town can benefit from the work this summer season.”

All of the businesses along the Promenade have been consulted throughout the scheme and it is believed that pressing forward on the resurfacing work now would enable the town to benefit from the new surface this summer and be less disruptive and less costly than looking to schedule the work after the 2016 summer season.

Council Gains Gold in International Employers’ Award

North Norfolk District Council Achieves Investors in People Gold Award

20 January 2016
Investors in People Gold Award

North Norfolk District Council has been awarded the Investors in People Gold Award for being an excellent employer.

Gold is the highest level of recognition which organisations can achieve and is only given to those that are able to demonstrate a degree of excellence in the way they develop and support their staff.

The international standard has been awarded to the district council following an in-depth assessment carried out in December 2015 in which members of staff were interviewed by two independent assessors.

Chief Executive of North Norfolk District Council Sheila Oxtoby said: “I’m incredibly proud that we’ve achieved this award for the Council and more importantly for the residents and businesses that we serve. I would like to thank all the staff and believe it is well-deserved.”

In the assessors’ letter to the Council they state: “The standard is a very challenging one to meet and is increasingly seen as a measure of a quality employer. Your success not only reflects your own commitment, but it is also an acknowledgement of the effort of everyone who works for the organisation.”

The report found that the Council had met 180 of 196 indicators and should therefore receive the Investors in People Gold Award. The council had previously been given a ‘bronze’ award by Investors in People in July 2013.

Inspectors praised the Council’s culture of openness and trust, its socially responsible policies and practices, its approach to learning and development of staff and the work of the council’s staff focus group.

The ten areas covered by Investors in People Standard are:

  • Plan – Business Strategy; Learning and Development Strategy, People Management Strategy; Leadership and Management Strategy
  • Do – Management Effectiveness; Recognition & Reward; Involvement & Empowerment; Learning & Development
  • Review – Performance Measurement; Continuous Improvement;

The Investors in People Standard is a sign of a great employer. Find out more at

Better Services, Better Value for Money

DWP @ Council Offices

20 January 2016

Better services and better value for money will result from the Department for Work and Pensions move to North Norfolk District Council’s offices in Holt Road, Cromer.

The 14-strong team moved into the building on Monday 11 January 2016 and started to run their services from the Council offices on the same day.

A total of 170m2 office space was created by moving teams within the existing building and reducing the need for storage space. This has enabled the DWP to have their own public waiting area, and for DWP clients to use the Council’s self-serve computers to access services directly.

The DWP’s move from Garden Street offices in Cromer provides an opportunity to bring services together in one location. It will also help to reduce the cost of services by sharing the building.

Cllr John Rest, North Norfolk District Council’s Cabinet Member for Assets said: “As an authority we have to make the most of the resources we have, especially our offices. I’m delighted to be welcoming the Department for Work and Pensions to our offices in Holt Road.
“We know we need to operate as cost-effectively as possible, and sharing our office space is a good way to generate income and provide customers with a more joined up service. With the public services under one roof my hope is that it will be a lot easier for people to get the support they need.”

Julia Nix, District Manager for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “This is my second co location site to move into North Norfolk District Council’s Premises. By moving into the Local Authorities premises we will be making more effective use of space and facilities, while making significant savings for the taxpayer.
“The move also represents an excellent opportunity for DWP to build stronger working links with North Norfolk District Council to work together to help our customers move closer to employment and provide a better all-round quality service”.

The Council office building, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, houses Norfolk County Council Children’s Services, the Early Years Intervention Team and eastlaw – the Council’s legal services company which sells its services to others.

Cromer and Wells benefit from £100,000 government grant

Coastal Revival Fund helps two heritage sites in North Norfolk

11 December 2015
Coastal Revival Fund

A £100,000 government grant will help breathe new life into two heritage sites in North Norfolk.

The Cromer West prom Art Deco block renovation and the Wells Maltings Project have been awarded £50,000 each under the national Coastal Revival Fund scheme.

The purpose of the Coastal Revival Fund is to help kick-start the revival of at-risk heritage sites that have potential to create opportunities for new businesses and jobs.

It seeks to support communities looking to unlock the economic potential of those hard-to-tackle buildings, facilities and amusements such as piers, lidos and proms.

The Cromer grant will be used by North Norfolk District Council to support the renovation and rejuvenation of the Cromer West promenade Art Deco chalet block. The block was severely damaged in the storms which ravaged the North Norfolk coast in December 2013.

The Wells grant will help the Wells Maltings Trust develop a landmark heritage, arts and community project in the Grade II former Maltings building in the centre of this rural, coastal community.
The building will be transformed into a community space, heritage and learning centre, auditorium, café and central box office and tourist information centre.
The Coastal Revival Fund money will pay to refurbish, repair and reconfigure the existing Maltings building.

Cabinet Member for Assets Cllr John Rest said: “Both the Cromer and Wells projects support the local economy and help create income for the community.
“We appreciate the fact that both of these bids were successful and look forward to the projects proceeding in the new year.”

Becky Jefcoate, Wells Maltings Project Development Manager, said: “We are very excited to hear the good news about the Coastal Revival Find, which will help us transform the Maltings into a landmark visitor attraction next year for local people and visitors to enjoy.”