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Appealing against an enforcement notice

 Enforcement appeal information is available on the Planning Portal Enforcement Appeals web page.

You can appeal against an enforcement notice, by :-

  • completing the Online Enforcement Appeal form available through the Planning Casework service; or
  • by posting to the Planning Casework Service completed enforcement appeal forms. You can ask for the forms to be sent to you by phoning the Planning Casework Service on 0303 444 5000 or by emailing

You MUST make sure that the Planning Casework receives your appeal before the effective date on the enforcement notice.

In exceptional circumstances you may give notice of appeal by fax or letter.  You should include:-

  1. the name of the local planning authority;
  2. the site address;
  3. your address; and
  4. the effective date of the enforcement notice;

 The Planning Casework Service MUST receive this before the effective date on the enforcement notice. This should immediately be followed by your completed appeal forms.

Planning Inspectorate guides to taking part in enforcement appeals

  • proceeding by written representations
  • proceeding by a hearing
  • proceeding by an inquiry