New bin collection changes for 2024

Bin collection service announcements

Frequently asked questions: Refuse, recycling and garden waste

Why are we making changes to bin collections?

Household and recycling

Serco, working with North Norfolk District Council, has identified further changes to the existing collection routes are required. We are making these changes to ensure that the bin collections are as efficient as possible and to minimise carbon emissions. 

These changes, timed with the closure of the previous waste disposal site, where the district's household waste is taken before being transported to the processing facility, will improve the efficiency of the routes, reduce the distances bin trucks are travelling, and, therefore, our carbon footprint across the district. These changes also accommodate new homes being built in the area now and into the future.

Garden waste collection 

We need to reoptimize the rounds due to the increasing popularity and demand for this service.

Will my collections change?

Recycling and household bin collections

Around 90% of people will have a change to their recycling and household waste collection day, or the order in which your bin colours are collected may change. Even if your bin day and collection order stay the same, it may be collected at a new time. 

Garden bin collections

Around 85% of residents who subscribe to garden waste collections will have a change to their collection day or week, and even if your bin day stays the same, it may be collected at a new time. 

We will be sending leaflets to everyone to explain these changes.  

When will my bins be collected?

We will write to all residents with this information, so look out for a leaflets in the post between Monday 4 March and Thursday 28 March.

Collections happen any time during the day from 7am. All bins must be out for collection by 7am on collection day or the evening before.

Will my garden waste collections change?

Yes, there will be changes to garden waste collections. If you subscribe to the garden waste collection service, we will send you a separate leaflet detailing how the changes affect you. 

I haven't received a leaflet 

All leaflets will be sent by second-class post to arrive no later than 28 March.

If you have yet to receive one by this date, you can check your bin collection online, request by email at or call 0330 1099 220 from Tuesday 2 April.

When are the bin day changes happening? 

Week beginning Monday 8 April.

If my bin collection is delayed, what do I do with waste or recycling that won't fit in my bin?

For residents experiencing an extended period between collections due to their day change, additional waste (in black bags), recycling (in clear sacks or cardboard boxes), or garden waste (in a reusable bag or sack) can be placed alongside your bin on your next collection. 

What should I do with the recycling that cannot fit into my green bin?

We will take any extra recycling that is next to your green bin in clear bags. Large cardboard boxes need to be flattened and broken down into smaller pieces no wider than 0.5m to fit the recycling compartment of our trucks. 

My collection day hasn't changed. Why do I have to put my bin out by 7am?

Our collections can start as early as 7am. Your day may not have changed, but the order in which we collect your household waste and recycling bins may have changed. Other collections on your round may have changed, affecting your collection time. 

Don't miss a collection, always put your bin out by 7am on your collection day, or the evening before.

If my collection day has changed, when will I be told?

The leaflets will be delivered by 28 March.

Are weekly collections affected?

No, this will not change. However, your day of collection may change.

We will write to all residents between Monday 4 March and Thursday 28 March, to confirm their collection day.

I haven't been told of a change, but my neighbour has

All residents will receive a leaflet confirming your collection day between Monday 4 March and Thursday 28 March.

If you have yet to receive yours by Tuesday 2 April you can check your bin collection online, request a copy by email at or call 0330 1099 220.

If my collection is missed, will you come back? 

Please check that it is the right day for your bin to be collected. If it is and we haven't collected your bin by 6pm, please check the bin announcement page before reporting a missed collection.

Please put out your bin for collection on the assigned day. If your bin is not out for collection when the crew visits your area, we cannot return until the next scheduled collection day. We will record any bins that are not collected on our onboard computers. 

Remember to place your bins out by 7am.

I need assistance with my collections. Will this be affected?

If you subscribe to our assisted collection service, our teams will continue to collect your bin from its normal storage space, take it to the bin lorry for emptying, and then return it to its storage space.