• No glass or glass utensils shall be used at the event or taken to the beach
  • No open fires! Including bonfires or camp fires due to the health and safety risk.
  • All rubbish and litter is to be cleared away from the beach directly after the event and taken away with you.
  • Noise should be kept to a minimum. Music and generators are not permitted.
  • Please do not bury rubbish in the sand where it may cause a health & safety hazard to other beach users.
  • Please do not bury portable/disposable BBQs in the sand where they cause problems for future beach users. Extinguish/cool such BBQs and take them home with you
  • The event shall be entirely at the owners risk.
  • We cannot guarantee that your party will have exclusive use of the designated area.
  • At least one responsible adult to be in attendance at all times.

Last updated: 5th April 2019