Information that will help us

It is important that you give us as much information as possible. The better the information we have to work with, the better the outcome will be!

Please read about what sort of information we need and then tell us about the fraud, using one of the options above. 

  • The full names and addresses of the people concerned. 
  • The type of the suspected fraud 
  • Descriptions of people involved - this is particularly helpful when telling us about undeclared partners. Useful information includes: 
    • Age 
    • Height 
    • Build 
    • Hair colour/style 
    • Glasses 
    • Tattoos 
    • How long have they been living there?
  • Employment details – if you are reporting someone (claimant or partner) who is working, please let us know any of the following: 
    • The name and address of the employer 
    • How they are paid 
    • The type of work being done 
    • Their normal hours of work 
    • How long they have been working 
    • How they get to and from work 
  • Details of vehicles connected to the alleged fraud: 
    • Make 
    • Model 
    • Colour 
    • Registration number
    • Where the vehicle is normally parked
  • Income/savings details - if someone has not declared their income or savings please tell us what this is and provide details. This could be:
    • Property – what is the address? 
    • Bank accounts – where is the account is held? 
    • Private pensions – what company is the pension from?

We appreciate your information. Thank you!