If you formally appeal against our decision, your case will be passed to the Tribunals Service. They will arrange an independent tribunal to review the decision.

The Tribunals Service will try to arrange a hearing within 14 weeks of receiving all the information. Tribunals can sometimes be held sooner if there is an urgent reason, for example if there is a genuine eviction pending.

To ensure that the tribunal considers all the facts, you need to provide them with all the reasons for appealing against our decision.

You will be invited to attend the tribunal to support your case. We will send one of our senior officers to represent the Council. After hearing the evidence, the tribunal will make a decision regarding the decision that is under dispute and you will then be advised of the result in writing.

If the tribunal decides in your favour, we will change our original decision as soon as possible and write to you to let you know the outcome.

If you do not agree with the tribunal’s decision, you may then be able to appeal to the Social Security Commissioners if you believe that the tribunal has incorrectly applied the law to your case.