There are two different ways of applying for Building Regulation Approval:

Full Plans Procedure

This type of application requires detailed drawings to be submitted to the local authority along with the relevant fee for the work being undertaken. The plans are checked and, if no further information or amendments are required, an approval notice will be issued. The statutory period within which a decision should be issued can be up to 8 weeks from date of deposit of the application.

Building Notice Procedure

This type of application is a simpler procedure with only basic details and the relevant charge required. In this case the plans are not checked and an approval notice is not issued. Instead, work is allowed to commence with regular site inspections made at agreed stages of construction. However, this does not mean that the Building Control Surveyors are required to design the works in the absence of detailed drawings. They will provide advice and guidance but responsibility for the design rests with the owner and builder.

There are instances where the full plan procedure must be used such as for works involving commercial premises, new buildings fronting onto a private street and where the works will in be in close proximity to a public sewer.

For more information on the Building Notice Procedure please see our guidance note.