How long will the work last?

The work will be completed at Cromer by winter 2024. However, the Runton Road car park work site will stay in place until summer 2025 to help with the work at Mundesley.

How much does the Cromer Phase 2 Coastal Management Scheme cost, and how is it being funded?

The total budget is £25 million for Cromer and Mundesley combined, and a Government grant from the Environment Agency will meet the cost.

The work site has been set up in Runton Road car park. Will the rest of the car park remain open?

The vast majority of the car park will be open for the duration of the work.

Will the beach be closed when the rock is delivered?

For health and safety reasons, some localised beach closures will be necessary while the rock is being unloaded. The rock deliveries will be done at high tide and then manoeuvred into place. Signs and traffic marshals will direct members of the public to safe locations to watch the rock delivery.

What time will the work be taking place?

Work will take place between 7am and 6pm. However, due to tidal constraints, some aspects of the work, such as rock delivery and placement, will need to be done outside these hours.

Are the slopes behind the promenades going to be affected?

Slope stabilisation work is part of the NNDC repair and maintenance programme.

With rock being placed on the far western extent of Cromer, will there still be access to the beach once work is completed?

Yes, the rocks are to be placed to reduce cliff erosion in this area, but access to the beach will remain once the rock is in place.

Will there be small work sites on or near the promenade?

Yes, they will be located on the promenade to help with the work or to store materials and plants. The main compounds on the promenade will be the far western promenade and by the Fisherman's Ramp (East Beach). Please note these are subject to change and may notice other areas being occupied. 

What will the rock delivery barges sit on?

The barges will come in at high water and offload the rock. As the tide starts to recede, the barge will leave. They will not ground on the beach.

Will the beach be closed from the Melbourne Slope to the pier?

Yes, occasionally. There will be localised closures, whilst delivery and placement of rock is happening.

When the work is completed, what beach profile change is expected?

The primary purpose of rock is to take energy out of waves, which will help to keep sediment (sand and shingle) longer. Beach levels should remain more stable.