How long will the work last?

The work will be completed at Mundesley by summer 2025.

Who is paying for the Mundesley Coastal Management Scheme?

The Environment Agency, NNDC and Mundesley Parish Council are funding the project.

Can I still walk along the coastal path?

Yes, the coastal paths will remain open.

The work site has been set up in Beach Road car park. Will the rest of the car park be open?

The remainder of the car park will be open while the work is done.

Will the beach be closed when the rock is being delivered?

Some localised beach closures will be necessary while the rock is unloaded.

What time will the work take place?

Work will take place between 7am and 6pm. However, due to tidal constraints, some aspects of the work, such as rock delivery and placement, will need to be done outside these hours.

Will the concrete blocks be put back in block revetment on the west beach?

Yes, the concrete blocks will be put back in and rocks placed in front of structure.

Can we get between rock and cliff once the work is complete?

Yes, but caution should be used when walking near the cliffs due to the risk of cliff falls.

Following the scheme's completion, will there be access to the beach at the bottom of Cardiac Hill access steps?

Access steps over the revetment will be available.

Will any areas of the beach be a danger to the public?

No, excavations, such as surveying the groynes, will be made safe before allowing public access. Such work will only be above the tide level.

Will machinery be stored on the beach?

Yes, machinery will come adjacent to Bacton Gas Terminal and track along the beach, which will then be stored by the Lifeboat House on Mundesley Beach. A 'high seat' will be created from beach material or rock, and the excavator can be stored on the rock. If there is a major storm, it will leave via the terminal.

When rock is brought on shore, where will it be deposited?

There is an agreed corridor for the barge to come in, and subject to seabed surveys, there are several drop points along the western beach. The barge will come in at high tide as far as possible, drop the rock, and when the tide recedes, the barge will leave. Dumpsters on the beach will manoeuvre the rock into place.

What signs will be put up?

Construction signs will show where the work is taking place, and marshals will ensure the public is kept safe during these activities. They will halt the work immediately if it is dangerous to people or dogs. Temporary barriers will be used when the beach work is dependent on tides. We will provide monthly factsheets locally to share information with local people and visitors. There will also be project information boards located at key access points.