The coast protection assets along the north Norfolk frontage have a value of over £100million. NNDC allocates a budget of £320,000 annually to complete maintenance projects from Weybourne in the west to Cart Gap, Happisburgh in the East.

Where possible the maintenance schemes are completed in the winter months to reduce disruption in the main tourist season, however adverse winter weather can make working difficult and can delay work into the following season.

Low winter temperatures can prevent the laying of concrete, whilst low beach levels (due to easterly and north easterly winds) can restrict access to the beach, as more of it is covered by the sea.

A 10 year maintenance plan, which includes many schemes, is constantly under review and changes depending on the needs and priorities of communities and the council.

Beyond the specific programmed maintenance there is a continuous need to complete other small scale works along the coast, often at very short notice. The Council has recently begun to successfully deliver these small works by appointing a single contractor to complete these as and when they are required.

Current and future coastal work schemes: 

Location Description Value Status
Walcott Apron - Stage 14 Annual staged repairs to the lower concrete sea wall apron between Bacton & Ostend £98,000 Underway
Sheringham West Sea Wall 236m of seawall encasement and foundation works £804,000 Underway
Sheringham East - Stage 9 Retaining wall renewal works £59,000 Completed
Happisburgh Rock Bund Roll back existing rock £60.000 Tender process underway
Measured term contract Small works throughout the system Estimate £120,000 Ongoing

(Overspend is accounted for through underspend in previous years.)

Further works for future schemes include:

Walcott Flood Alleviation Scheme Improvements to apron seawall drainage.
Walcott Apron Annual staged repairs the lower apron between Bacton & Ostend