North Norfolk District Council encourages the public to speak at council meetings. Please read this guide to find out how to make your voice heard.

There is separate advice for speaking at a Development Committee meeting.

Committee meetings dates and agenda

A calendar of meetings for the year May to April is published early in January. Meetings are held in the Council Chamber at the Council Offices, Holt Road, Cromer.

An agenda for each meeting is published five working days before the meeting. You can request paper copies by calling 01263 516010 or emailing You can also view them at the Council Offices in Cromer.

Speaking at committee meetings

If you live in or have a business interest in the area, you can ask one question or address a meeting about a matter on the agenda, except when the business is private or the committee makes a quasi-legal decision.

How does it work?

If you speak at a committee meeting, you should let the committee administrator know at least 24 hours before the meeting and submit your question or statement in writing. If you are making a statement, then a summary should be provided.

At the start of the meeting, up to 30 minutes will be available for the public to speak.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the meeting if you wish to ask a question or speak on an agenda item. This gives the Committee Chairman time to organise the agenda items for the convenience of the public. You will be asked to provide your name and contact details before the meeting starts.

Asking a question

The committee clerk will show you where to sit when it’s time to ask your question. You will be allowed 3 minutes to speak, so please aim to be concise. A bell will sound at the end of your 3 minutes. If your question is answered, you can ask one additional question, which must relate to the subject matter and not be longer than 1 minute. The bell will sound again, and you will be asked to return to your seat whether or not you have finished.

The Chairman will reject any comment if it is:

  • inappropriate
  • abusive
  • refers to confidential matters

What happens next?

Your question should be answered straight away. If not, a written answer will be sent within 7 working days, and the reply reported to the committee meeting.

The public has a right to attend council committee meetings and is welcome to stay for the rest of the meeting. Occasionally the council or committee have to go into a closed session because of a particular item on the agenda. If this happens, it will be shown on the agenda.