Please take the advice given by the Police or Flood Wardens.

If you hear or receive a warning

  • Stay calm - tune in to BBC Radio Norfolk
  • Tell your neighbours (especially if they are elderly or have special needs)
  • Fasten your outer doors and fix any flood protection devices
  • Switch off gas and electricity only if they are in a location that has not been flooded
  • Move to your Evacuation Centre if you are advised to do so. If this is not possible, move upstairs
  • Take food, clothes, blankets, candles/torches with you
  • Fill bath and buckets with water in case mains supply is shut off
  • Drinking water should be stored in clean containers
  • Try to move valuable objects to a place of safety or protect them by tying them into plastic bags
  • Remember the pets (food, dirt tray and cage)
  • If you live in a bungalow arrange to shelter with neighbours who have "upstairs" accommodation
  • Take essential medicines, infant care items, personal documents/identification for each member of the family

If you are advised to evacuate then do so. Ignoring such a warning could put the safety of your family or those who come to your rescue in danger.

Broadcast warnings

Announcements will be made on Radio and Television. BBC Radio Norfolk will carry full details.

  • Tune in to: * FM 95.1 or 104.4 MHz * MW 855 kHz (351 metres) * MW 873 kHz (344 metres)

In addition, Police may tour your area with loud hailers to give more direct warnings.