The recent review of homelessness services in the district identified that there have been a significant number of achievements since the previous Homelessness Strategy was launched. However, continuing demands and challenges, recent changes in the Welfare Reform and Localism Act and re-organisations within our own service has resulted in some actions no longer being relevant or impossible to deliver. As an organisation we want to build on the good work and successes already achieved and look towards building a stronger more customer focused service which will build on the aspirations of the previous strategy and take on the government’s ten challenges to deliver a gold standard service.

During the next five years we plan to strengthen our corporate commitment to prevent homelessness, work with our partners and look to deliver the corporate priority that ‘everyone in North Norfolk should have the opportunity to buy or rent a decent home at a price they can afford, in a community where they want to live or work.’

The current Homelessness Strategy produced by North Norfolk District Council will be delivered in partnership with its stakeholders over the period 2015 – 2019

The aspirations of this strategy are as follows:

  • Work with Registered Providers
  • Improve Housing Advice/Option/Solutions
  • Not to place any families in Bed & Breakfast accommodation unless in an emergency and for no longer than 6 weeks and provide suitable temporary accommodation.
  • Aspiration to deliver the challenge set to deliver ‘A Gold Standard Service’
  • Deliver Customer Focused Service Standards

Homelessness Strategy 20014-2019