A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) records check certificate is required on initial application for all new drivers and then required every 3 years.

North Norfolk District Council has recently signed a contract with United Medicare Limited to countersign DBS checks. A Candidate User Guide is available to assist users with their application.

A DBS check can be completed online. Please note Internet Explorer or Firefox are fully supported however you may experience difficulties if using alternative browsers. If you are unable to submit an online application please make an appointment to visit us at North Norfolk District Council for your identity check (see below) and we will guide you through the process.

Getting Started

To be able to complete your DBS check online, please contact the Licensing Team on 01263 516189 or licensing@north-norfolk.gov.uk to obtain your login details. If you provide your email address they will be emailed directly to you. Alternatively, your login details will be issued to you at the identity check (see below) where you can submit your application.

Submit your application

Log into UCRB and enter your personal and address details. You can refer to the Candidate User Guide to assist you in completing the form.

Please note once you have started the process you have 30 days to submit your application. Failure to complete your application within 30 days will result in your application being withdrawn and you will need to restart your submission from the beginning.

Identity Check

Contact the Licensing Team on 01263 516189 or licensing@north-norfolk.gov.uk to make an appointment for your identity documents to be verified.

Please ensure you bring the correct identification documents to your appointment. 


An enhanced DBS check costs £52.00 (£40.00 +  £10.00 administration fee + £2.00 VAT). The total cost goes directly to United Medicare Limited. The payment of £52.00 can be taken by credit/debit card or a cheque payable to NNDC at the time when the identity check takes place.

Please note applications cannot be submitted to United Medicare Limited until payment has been made.


You have the ability to track the progression of your DBS application by visiting Disclosure and Barring Service and providing the DBS application reference number and your date of birth. Timescales for a DBS disclosure to be issued from the DBS can vary.


The DBS will issue ONE copy of the disclosure, sent direct to the applicant. Applicants must bring their disclosure certificate to the North Norfolk District Council office and grant permission for a copy to be taken.

Please note North Norfolk District Council will not issue a licence without first having viewed a copy of a current DBS disclosure.

Update Service

Once you have received your DBS Certificate, we encourage that you join the update service which costs £13.00 per year by registering within 19 days from the date of their DBS Certificate. This will allow for your DBS to be portable and as long as this is renewed each year, you will not be required to obtain a new DBS Certificate. If however, the applicant is convicted/cautioned after the Certificate date, then a new DBS Certificate will be required.

Licence Issued

If no disclosures are listed, your licence will be issued once all formalities are completed within seven days. However, if the DBS does list any disclosures, the Licensing Authority may invite you to attend a licensing hearing for you to explain your case for the Licensing Committee to determine whether a licence should be approved.

On 1 March 2002 the Exceptions Order 1975 was amended to include taxi drivers. The Exceptions Order to the Rehabilitation of Offenders act 1974 sets out those occupations and positions exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. These are generally positions of trust, where there is a valid need to see a person’s full criminal history in order to assess their suitability for a position.

It is a requirement of the DBS’s Code of Practice that all Registered Bodies must have a written policy on the correct handling and safekeeping of Disclosure information. You can download North Norfolk District Council’s policy statement below:

Last updated: 11th November 2020