Who needs a medical

Group 2 medical reports are required for all new and renewal taxi driver applicants. They are then needed every six years after that or every three years if you're over 65. You may not continue driving without being approved medically as fit to drive.

A group 2 medical is not the same as the DVLA agreeing that a driver can keep their UK driving licence following a medical change. For more information, please visit GOV.UK general information: assessing fitness to drive.

You must let us know in writing and within 72 hours of any change to your medical health which could affect your ability to drive.

How to get a medical

Download the following forms:

You will need to take both forms to the doctor and remember to complete the declaration section on page 8 of the DVLA group 2 medical report.

Where to get a medical

You can get a medical from your family GP or a central agency. An online search for group 2 medical assessments will list companies that provide this service. You will need to pay directly to the provider, and prices and timescales may vary.

I already have a medical

If you have a group 2 medical for other purposes, such as LGV or PCV driving, it could potentially be used for your taxi driving licence. Please email licensing@north-norfolk.gov.uk to discuss this.

If you have concerns about when your medical is due to expire, please contact us for advice.