An annual licence is required for a hackney carriage vehicle, private hire vehicle, or pedicab.

  • Private hire vehicles can only be pre-booked (a fee is agreed at the time of booking).
  • Hackney carriage vehicles can either be flagged down in the street, sit on the rank or do private hire work; they must use a taxi meter which is the maximum fare they can charge.
  • Pedicabs are small three-wheeled vehicles have a seat, pedals and handlebars in the front for the operator and usually a hooded cab in the back. There are also motorised Tuk-Tuks which are similar but are driven by a small engine.

The application will be determined within 7 days from the receipt by this authority of an acceptable and complete application. All vehicles must be inspected by one of the authorised garages within one month of the licence plates prior to being issued. The inspection fee(s) are paid directly to the authorised garage at the time of testing. The Taxi Testing Station information contains details on the authorised garages.

Only licensed taxi drivers can drive the above vehicles. The plate cannot be removed from the vehicle without prior authority or surrender of the plate. To advertise other companies on vehicles please notify the Licensing Team in writing with details of the advert, where it is to be placed and the size of the advert.

A copy of the taxi handbook is given to all new licensed taxi drivers. Copies can be purchased from NNDC (see taxi licensing fees).