Where a licensed hackney carriage or private hire vehicle has been involved in an accident or incident, the following is required, in accordance with the licence conditions :-

  • the proprietor of any vehicle must report to the Council, in writing, as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any case within seventy two (72) hours, the occurrence of any accident involving the vehicle
  • the Authorised Officer/Agent will inspect the vehicle and make a decision as to whether or not the vehicle can continue in service
  • if the vehicle can continue in service until a permanent repair is undertaken, the repair must be completed within a maximum of 28 days of the Authorised Officer/Agent’s decision
  • if any damage is considered by the Authorised Officer/Agent to be extensive enough to affect the safety or general appearance of the vehicle, it must be immediately withdrawn from service and the plate removed. The vehicle must be repaired, submitted for a Council mechanical inspection and the cosmetic appearance inspected by an Authorised Officer/Agent, before the plate is re-affixed and the vehicle returned to service;
  • in the case of any dispute the matter will be referred to the Council's Licensing Sub-Committee; 
  • any replacement vehicle, either a short term or permanent replacement, must comply with licensing prerequisites above. A completed application form must be submitted together with the necessary documents and the appropriate fee, before being used as a licensed vehicle. If all the above items and all conditions are met and are satisfactory, we will produce the licence within seven working days from receipt of an acceptable application.

You can download the accident/incident report and view the framework process