On schemes of 10 or more dwellings and substantial commercial development where there is not sufficient capacity in infrastructure (lxviii), services, community facilities or open space (lxix), improvements which are necessary to make that development acceptable will be secured by planning conditions or obligations, and these must be phased so as to be in place in accordance with an agreed time frame or prior to the occupation of an agreed number of units. 

Planning obligations may also be required for maintenance payments, to meet the initial running costs of services and facilities and to compensate for loss or damage caused by development. 

The Council will work with developers to secure the necessary improvements and determine the appropriate range and level of provision / contributions. A Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) will provide further guidance on the detailed nature of any financial or other contributions.  

(lxvii) Utility services; water supply, foul sewage networks, sewage treatment works, drainage / flood protection, energy provision and the transport network

(lxix) Provision / contributions may be necessary in respect of some or all of the following: affordable housing, open space and recreation, environment (including landscape improvement, protecting or examining and recording archaeological remains and habitat replacement), drainage / flood prevention, waste recycling and / or transport (including footpaths, cycle-ways, highways and public transport), education, health and other public services and social service provision.