Development will be designed to reduce the need to travel and to maximise the use of sustainable forms of transport appropriate to its particular location. Development proposals will be considered against the following criteria: 

  • the proposal provides for safe and convenient access on foot, cycle, public and private transport addressing the needs of all, including those with a disability;
  • the proposal is capable of being served by safe access to the highway network without detriment to the amenity or character of the locality;
  • outside designated settlement boundaries the proposal does not involve direct access on to a Principal Route, unless the type of development requires a Principal Route
  • the expected nature and volume of traffic generated by the proposal could be accommodated by the existing road network without detriment to the amenity or character of the surrounding area or highway safety; and
  • if the proposal would have significant transport implications, it is accompanied by a transport assessment, the coverage and detail of which reflects the scale of development and the extent of the transport implications, and also, for non-residential schemes, a travel plan.

Last updated: 14th May 2019