Proposals for development in the Countryside for the purposes of farm diversification (xlv) will be permitted provided that:

  • it can be demonstrated that the proposal would make an ongoing contribution to sustaining the agricultural enterprise as a whole; and
  • the proposal would not involve new-build development on undeveloped sites (xlvi) unless:
    • it is directly related to the agricultural business, and
    • the re-use and / or redevelopment of existing buildings on the holding for the intended use, in whole or in part, is not feasible; or
    • an opportunity exists to demolish an existing structure and re-build in a more appropriate location; and
    • in all cases the proposed floor space is less than 250sqm.

(xlv) The introduction of non-agricultural enterprises or novel agricultural enterprises into existing farm business / complex to support the agricultural enterprise.

(xlvi) An ‘undeveloped site’ is defined as land upon which no building or the substantial remains of a building currently stand(s).