Development proposals on the former defence establishments will allow for re-use of existing buildings or development of replacement buildings within the defined 'technical areas’ provided that there is no overall increase in gross floor space of the existing permanent buildings. All proposals should seek to protect the surrounding environment and ensure no degradation of the site itself. Owing to the proximity of the River Wensum Special Area of Conservation (SAC) development at Tattersett Business Park (Sculthorpe Airbase) must demonstrate, as a minimum, no net negative impact on the environment and nature conservation.

Proposals for renewable energy uses on redundant defence sites will be permitted where they comply with the criteria in Policy EN7.

New build employment generating proposals will be permitted in the areas designated as Countryside where there is particular environmental or operational justification.

On the technical area at Sculthorpe Airbase new employment development may be permitted, subject to the removal of an equal amount of floor space represented by the former barrack blocks and other unsightly buildings in the open area X as identified on the Proposals Map.