Cromer is designated as a Principal Settlement with a Large Town Centre. The following developments are proposed.

  • Between 2001 and 2021 a total of between 1,000 and 1,150 dwellings will be built. This will include 400 to 450 dwellings on newly identified development sites well related to the built up area where encroachment into the wider countryside setting of the town is minimised. New Greenfield development will be limited in scale (200 to 350 dwellings).
  • Development will not be permitted unless it has been demonstrated that there is adequate capacity in sewage treatment works (upgrades programmed for post-2011).
  • Suitable sites for the development of new retail floor-space will be allocated in the Site Specific Proposals Development Plan Document in locations in, or as close as possible to the town centre, of sufficient size to accommodate approximately 5,000sqm of comparison goods floor space.
  • Approximately 20 hectares of land will be protected for employment generating development.
  • A Public Realm designation is defined to co-ordinate the use of areas where pedestrian access, informal recreation and appearance are crucial to the town’s attractiveness to residents and visitors i.e. town centre, historic cliff top parks and Promenade.
  • Important Approach Routes are designated to protect and enhance the setting and approaches into the town.
  • The car parking needs of the east of the town will be addressed by allocating an appropriate site that meets the needs of visitors to the town without damage to the town’s environment.
  • The district hospital will be redeveloped on the existing site providing local health care facilities for the wider area.
  • Opportunities for informal recreation will be enhanced in accordance with the North Norfolk Open Space and Recreation Study including the provision of a new neighbourhood / Local Park serving the southern part of the town. A suitable site will be identified in the Site Specific Proposal Document.
  • The Site Specific Proposals Document will identify a suitable site for a new school.

Last updated: 14th May 2019