Holt is designated as a Principal Settlement with a Small Town Centre. The following development is proposed:

  • Between 2001 and 2021 a total of between 650 and 700 dwellings will be built. This will include 250 to 300 dwellings on newly identified Greenfield development sites which are well integrated with the established built up area of the town and minimise the impact on the countryside, particular the AONB and the Glaven Valley Conservation Area.
  • Approximately 15 hectares of land will be identified for employment generating development comprising 10 hectares already in use or designated for this purpose and a further 5 hectares with suitable vehicular access onto the A148, focusing on business park style uses.
  • Opportunities to improve the pedestrian environment of the town centre will be identified in the Site Specific Proposals document and the provision of additional car parking, with high quality pedestrian links to the town centre will be sought.
  • A Public Realm designation is defined to co-ordinate the use of areas where pedestrian access, informal recreation and appearance are crucial to the town’s attractiveness to residents and visitors.
  • All major new development must demonstrate no adverse impact on the hydrology of Norfolk Valley Fens Special Area of Conservation (Holt Lowes), and developments within the groundwater catchment of this site must fully mitigate the impact of all hard surfacing to minimise storm run-off.