Personal data processed by the Council through the submission of representations is necessary to perform a task in the public interest and has a clear basis in law.

The Council will publish names, organisations and the content of representations on its website. Other personal information, including email and property address details, will not be published or made available for public inspection. However, all representations, including all submitted personal information, will be provided to the Local Plan Examination Programme Officer (potentially an external contractor), the Planning Inspectorate and the person appointed by the Secretary of State to conduct the examination and made available in line with the relevant Regulations.

The Planning Inspectorate has published a Privacy Statement on managing personal information, accessed through the published procedural guide for Local Plan examinations.

Representations are submitted on the basis that you consent to the use of your data, including to keep you informed of Local Plan progress. Your contact details will be held on the Local Plan Consultation database for this purpose, and relevant notifications will be sent to you at appropriate stages. After completing the Local Plan process, we will invite you to remain or remove your details from the database.

The content of your comments may reveal personal information about yourself or others. It is your responsibility to ensure that your submitted comments do not reveal personal information about others.

By submitting a representation (comment), you confirm that you agree to how we process your data and accept responsibility for your comments.

Please see our data protection and privacy policies for information on how we process your data.