Government bodies, interest groups and specialists are consulted depending on the application proposals.

A list of all applications validated each week and details of all planning applications are available to view on the Planning Public Access website. This includes drawings, supporting documentation and consultee comments.

In addition a site notice will be displayed on site giving 21 days for public comments to be made on the application proposals.

If you are not able to view and comment online, applications can also be viewed at the council offices.

Any comments on planning applications should be made in writing:
•    via the Planning Public Access website.
•    by email:
•    by letter to: Planning Services, North Norfolk District Council, Holt Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9EN.

Please include your name and postal address and the reference number or site address of the application, along with your comments. Your correspondence will be acknowledged and you will be given advice on how to find out if it is on a committee agenda and how you can participate. All comments received are assessed by the planning officers together with other considerations.

Please note – comments received on applications are made public on the website. The website will regularly be updated as the application progresses with consultee comments, amended plans, committee dates (where an application will be decided at committee), and the final decision.