The Site Allocations Development Plan makes proposals for a mixed use development on land adjacent to Church Farm, Ingham Road, Stalham. Policy ST01 of the Site Allocations Plan requires the prior approval of a Brief and states that it must incorporate:

  • not more than 160 dwellings at a net density of not less than thirty dwellings per hectare;
  • provide not less than 2 hectares of land suitable for community and low key employment generating uses
  • provision of a neighbourhood park (incorporating suitable public open space and recreational facilities) of not less than two hectares on a suitable part of the site; and,
  • a footpath and cycle link joining the Ingham Road and Yarmouth Road and suitable footways linking the development to the town centre.

Following a period of public consultation (details below), the document was considered and approved by North Norfolk District Council's Cabinet Committee on 10 September 2012. The document is available to view or download below along with comments made during the public consultation:

Planning permission has been granted (PF 12/1427) covering all areas of the site with the exception of 0.5 hectares of land fronting Yarmouth Road which is reserved for future community use. To view details of the planning permission please visit the Planning Search page.

Previous Consultation

STALHAM, Land Adjacent to Church Farm, Ingham Road

Proposed mixed-use development of approximately 160 dwellings, low-key employment uses, public open space, and community facilities.

Consultation on a Proposed Development Brief (Stalham)

The North Norfolk Site Allocations Development Plan Document, adopted in 2011, approved an area of Stalham to be allocated for a comprehensive mixed use development. The adopted Plan requires that a Development Brief is prepared for the site before development can proceed. The purposes of the brief are to:

  • Agree an overall vision for the comprehensive mixed-use development of the site
  • Define the broad principles of access, movement, mix of uses, layout, built form, density of development, conceptual appearance, landscape and phasing
  • Provide guidance for the preparation and determination of future planning applications for development in accordance with adopted policies

This brief has now been prepared and is available for a period of public consultation: Draft Development Brief, Land Adjacent to Church Farm, Ingham Road, Stalham.

A public drop-in session is taking place at Stalham Baptist Church, High Street, Stalham on Thursday 12 July from 3 - 7pm. This is a good opportunity to discuss the contents of the Development Brief with members of the Major Developments Team. If you are unable to attend the event you can still see a static exhibition of the proposals at Stalham Library throughout the consultation period. If you wish to discuss the proposal with planning staff, please contact us on 01263 516318.

Should you have any comments regarding the Development Brief, please send them by either email or post to:

Major Developments Team
North Norfolk District Council
Holt Road
NR27 9EN

The deadline for receipt of comments is Monday 30 July 2012.