A search request is usually submitted in 2 parts: Form LLC1 and Form CON29. These forms are available from legal stationers or the Law Society

LLC1 - Application for an Official Search of the Register 

The reply to such an application will, for example, reveal if the property is in a conservation area or may be a listed building, or if any trees on the property are protected by a tree preservation order etc.

CON29 - Standard Enquiries of Local Authorities Form

This deals with issues such as road schemes, planning history, building regulations and various notices which affect the property. The CON29 is divided into two parts:

  • CON 29 (2016) Enquiries of local authority; and
  • CON 29O (2016) Optional enquires of local authority

Forms CON 29 and CON 29O are available under licence from the Law Society in paper and electronic format from legal stationers such as: Oyez Straker, Laserform, Peapod, LexisNexis, and Shaw & Sons.