Leader of the Council, Cllr. Sarah Bütikofer:

"North Norfolk have come to Structure-flex, a local company that we’re delighted to award our contract to, to help us in our ‘You Are Welcome’ campaign. This is a new campaign that we’re launching, to make people feel welcome and safe when they come to our towns and beaches around the district, at this very difficult time as we start to come out of lockdown. “These signs that Structure-flex are helping us with, are designed to help people remember that they still need to keep their distance, wash their hands regularly and queue responsibly. We want people to feel welcome at all times, but still appreciate that we all have the rules and the guidelines that we still have to abide by to keep us all safe at this time”

Paul Reeve, Managing Director for Structure-flex:

“Today we have shown members of the local District Council how we’ve been printing the 7000 pavement stickers that they awarded us the contract for, to help with the Government social distancing measures for COVID-19, as the local towns begin to ease out of lockdown.”

Cllr. Richard Kershaw, Portfolio Holder for Business and Economic Development:

“They’re well designed and going to be laid out in a sensible manner to reinforce social distancing, they’re going to indicate the flow of [foot] traffic and are going to be advisory and informative. They’re simple and easy to understand and will be a great aid to the opening of businesses in North Norfolk”

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