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Date published: 28th February 2022

The Council has been undertaking a programme of works to remove over 650m of diseased hedgerow around Cromer and Sheringham that have unfortunately become infected with an untreatable ‘scale’ disease.

A number of our Euonymus hedgerows were at a point where the disease has taken hold considerably and the time has come for us to remove the diseased hedgerows and replace them with new hedge saplings which will not be susceptible to the disease.

The works in Cromer are taking place on Runton Road, targeting the areas of hedge running adjacent the Marrams Putting Green and Blue Sky Café. In Sheringham, the hedging has been removed from the eastern side of The Esplanade and The Lees and St Nicholas Roundabout.

In terms of the work undertaken, the diseased hedges have been removed, in most cases including the roots, however some sections the hedge has been cut down to ground level as root removal would result in the disturbance of road way, pavement, slabs or walls.

The next stage of the project will see new mixed species hedgerow saplings planted, with the exception of a small area around the Blue Sky Café, Cromer. A trench will also be dug out to create a brand new strip of hedgerow on The Esplanade.

With the support of the Probation Service Community Payback, working parties we will be planting replacement saplings over the coming weeks, with plans to have all saplings in the ground by the end of March.

North Norfolk District Council are excited to have the Unpaid Working unit from the Probation Service on board to help us deliver this project as part of their community payback programme.

Following the replacement of the hedges, there will be some change in the initial appearance while the new hedgerows establish. In time the project will create a brand new and thriving hedgerow for birds, other animals and insects, helping improve the biodiversity and aesthetics of the areas.

Last updated: 12th April 2023