Date published: 19th July 2022

You can grow your very own Miyawaki Forest!

The Council are looking for community groups to partner with, to introduce more of the fast-growing ecosystems across the district, as part of the Queens Jubilee Community Miyawaki Forest project.

NNDC will provide funding and the installation of a Miyawaki Forest, including ground preparation, a mix of native tree whips, fencing and gate installation, an interpretation panel and support with forest design.

The Miyawaki Method, as named after the Japanese botanist Dr Akira Miyawaki, involves careful soil preparation and densely planting a range of native woodland plants that are beneficial to wildlife on an area usually around the size of a tennis court.

The Council partnered with Norfolk County Council and local community groups to introduce three Miyawaki sites, in Fakenham, North Walsham and Sheringham.

Trees in a Miyawaki forest grow up to ten times faster than trees planted in conventional woodland planting schemes at around one metre per year.

Miyawaki forests absorb more carbon than conventional woodland schemes because they grow more quickly and are densely planted and native trees, such as those planted in a Miyawaki forest, can support significantly more wildlife than non-native species.

Cllr Nigel Lloyd, portfolio holder for Environmental Services, Climate Change & Environment said:

“The Miyawaki Method is a fantastic way for communities looking to find a sustainable way to commemorate the Queens Jubilee. The Queen has recognised the many benefits of increasing the tree canopy across the country.

 In North Norfolk we would like to offer communities across the district a way of celebrating the Jubilee by dedicating a forest in the Queens name. These forests develop rapidly. The dense planting style will soon create small forests in urban areas or in plots of land in our towns, villages and open spaces. Small forests will soon develop in the heart of communities creating lovely amenity and new areas where biodiversity can flourish for all to enjoy. This is lasting and eco-friendly way to commemorate the Jubilee.

This is a fantastic opportunity for local communities, I recommend any groups to come forward to apply for one of their own.”

Check out our documentary about the Miyawaki planting process!

If you are interested in applying for a Miyawaki Forest, please complete the application form with as much detail as possible and return it to

Find out more about the Queens Jubilee Community Miyawaki Forest Project

Applications close 31 August. Successful applicants will be informed early September and installation will be completed by the 31 December.

Last updated: 12th April 2023