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Date published: 7th July 2022

Where can you see some fantastic, innovative and environmentally friendly prom fashion? Answer, right here in North Walsham on Friday, July 8 at the upcycled prom catwalk event!

In the current climate a project to upcycle existing dresses into trendy, wearable fashion for prom is not only timely but brilliant use of resources and skills. That is exactly what pupils from North Walsham High School have been working on. Their project lasting since Easter has been to take existing prom dresses bought for a fraction of the cost of new, and recycle and upcycle them into items that they want to wear. 

The culmination of this project is the opportunity to catwalk their recycled items and accessories at the revitalised and redeveloped Church Approach/Shambles area in the town centre. They will have the opportunity not only to celebrate their work but to show other pupils, charity shop owners and the public what is possible with a bit of imagination and some sewing skills.

Working in partnership with PACT Charity Shop, the tailors, No 26, Break and the Salvation Army, the children have been able to take existing items and fashion them into new upcycled prom wear. Paston College students, inspired by their ideas have offered to photograph the show free, alongside former pupil Shannon Evans, a trainee hairdresser who will help with styling.

Hanna and Lourens Bowers, owners of No 26, said:

“We are delighted to be involved in this project and really excited to see children learning basic tailoring skills. It is also fabulous that they can use the redeveloped areas in the town to showcase their work.”

James Gosden, Headteacher at North Walsham High School, said:

“I am 100% behind this project and pleased to see the children of NWHS so involved. They have given up their time freely after school and have been enthusiastic and energised by this idea. A huge thank you to the teachers and partners too for inputting time and energy into something so worthwhile.”

Tony Calladine, East of England Regional Director, Historic England, said:

“It’s fantastic to see the newly revitalised area of Church Approach and the Shambles being used for this creative event. I hope everyone has a wonderful time at this brilliant fashion event and enjoys exploring this newly redeveloped area of the North Walsham High Street Heritage Action Zone.”

This project was part-funded by the Cultural Programme, part of the North Walsham High Street Heritage Action Zone, which is encouraging local groups, schools and community organisations to celebrate the new spaces in the town and encourage people to interact and visit the historic town centre.

Poster of the Upcycled Prom Catwalk ShowNorth Walsham Upcycled Prom Catwalk Show poster

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