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Date published: 8th June 2022

The Council is pleased that a new management team has taken over the running of North Lodge Cafe at North Lodge Park in Cromer.

‘North Lodge Cafe’ has taken over the lease on a temporary basis for the busy summer period, while the building’s long-term future is up for discussion as part of the Council’s Levelling Up bid.

The new charity North Lodge Cafe will be re-opening the premises as a community cafe, with all profits being used to support local charities in Cromer.

The cafe will be run and managed by a small group of volunteers led by Sue Pope, Val McCampling and Carol Pickering, who are all working hard to get the cafe re-open as quickly as possible before the summer season. They are looking to restore the cafe to its original charm as a Victorian Tea Room with re-decoration and minor improvements.

The charity has agreed on a short-term lease (until September 30) and is in the process of getting the café ready for its planned opening date of Saturday, July 2.

We look forward to seeing the popular North Lodge Cafe open for business.

Sue Pope, North Lodge Cafe said:

“Subject to us getting enough volunteers we will be re-opening the café doors on Saturday 2nd July at 10am.

We hope you will all come and support us and bring the vibrancy back to the park once again and help raise lots of money for Charities within our local Cromer Community.”

You can find out more about the North Lodge Cafe here.

Last updated: 6th July 2023